Posted by: johnhourihan | June 18, 2012

We should all be lying to Congress

Look, I do not like Roger Clemons. I never did. Being a Sox fan since about 1951 I usually like the players, but I didn’t like Boggs, Clemons, Ramirez or Beckett and didn’t care much for Papelbon either, but Clemons being charged with lying to Congress, and the audacity of Congress saying that he would have been facing jail time if he had been found guilty was the ultimate insult to the American people.

What the hell happens when Congress lies to us and gets caught?


It happens all the time and no one goes to jail. Congressional leaders have even from time to time admitted that they believe their job is to lie to the American people, and with both parties diametrically opposed on just about everything in the world, and with everyone espousing the  truth of their side, someone is always lying to us. We never know if a politician is telling the truth, so why should be have to tell the truth to them?

This being charged with the heinous act of  lying to Congress and being threatened with  prison if we are found guilty is just a bunch of  bull crap.

It is just another instance of politicians believing they are on a higher level than all the rest of us peons below them.

If Clemons lied to Congress, good for him. It is the best thing he has done since he had 20 strikeouts against an anemic Seattle batting order that couldn’t hit 200 against a decent high school pitcher.

Good for you Roger you finally did something that actually earned you the Hall of Fame.



  1. Roger Clements,or as mum called him “that cry baby” I’m happy he was found not guilty even tho he lied to congress, especially because he did.

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