Posted by: johnhourihan | July 2, 2012

One last thing baby-boomer retirees must do

Born in 1946, and winging it for damn near 66 years, I have figured out what this milestone of retirement may mean to most of my g- g-g g-g g-generation.
It means we don’t feel the need to be nice to young people anymore. We can be nice to the ones we like and the rest, “Sorry ‘bout that.”
I have lived through poverty, manual labor, abuse, hunger, cold, heat, war, children, divorce, unemployment, downsizing, and now failing health. People like me are the ones who actually have seen life, still remember it, and young people should be listening to us, but you don’t, so why should we be nice to you anymore?
I say, “We don’t have to trust anyone under 30.”
I figured when I was 25, that when I was 66 I would be relaxing in the knowledge that I had a car that ran, jeans that fit,  and a dealer with a sense of humor and an 800 number.
It isn’t quite like that, but when you think back to just who this generation is we are talking about, what do you think retirement is going to be like for us?
It’s going to be just like the last time we weren’t working.
But the biggest thing is, I don’t feel the need to be nice to people anymore. Heck, when I was working as an opinion columnist they didn’t  even let me answer my own emails, because I might tell the truth about what I’m thinking, and it might upset someone. It probably would.
I’m not talking about being mean. I’m just talking about telling the truth. For instance, not long ago I was interviewing a priest who was pre-30s and half way through the conversation he said, “John are you Catholic?”
I said “yes” and he asked, “Then why haven’t you once called me father?”
I wasn’t angry. I didn’t snap at him, I  just wasn’t going to pretend any more.
I said, “How old are you? 30? You’re lucky I don’t call you sonny.” And I went on with the interview.
My generation has started more fires of civil rights, equal rights, workplace harassment and on and on and on only to watch children who feel it is OK for employers to demand 60 hour weeks and conference calls on your vacation, then send your job overseas, downsize the company and run for the presidency as a job creator. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if people look at the life this generation has led, they know what we are looking forward to as we hit retirement age. They know what our retirement is going to be like.
And as spiraling drug use in people over 50 attests, retirement for an entire generation will probably be, “Tune in, turn on and drop out.”
This time for real.
Just kidding. We have one last thing we have to do.
Vote for Obama, or vote to stop these Republican Tea Party idiots who would bring us back to the 1950s.
As we slide into senility and forget which side of the toast to butter, let’s at least vote to keep our rights, our sanity and our middle class..



  1. “We don’t have to trust anyone under 30.”
    I like that.
    Never realized you were under the illusion that you felt obligated to be nice to young people… but I agree with that one too.
    I like it when your writing affirms my inner thoughts and attitudes.

    Thanks John


  2. “sonny” HA HA HA I liked that! I believe priest,like soldiers, should all be over 30.

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