Posted by: johnhourihan | August 29, 2012

Repubicans seem to think they are the chosen ones

Not much can be said about the Republican convention’s first real day, after President Obama, according to Rush Limbaugh, controlled Hurricane Isaac,  or at least the forecast, to scare the GOP into cancelling its real first day.
What did we learn here?
Mrs. Romney loves her husband. OK. Sweet, but not much on the missing Republican policy, and Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, a state that under his watch is 48th out of 50 in unemployment, gave a rousing speech in support of Mitt Romney, who when he was governor of Massachusetts sat at 47th out of 50 in job creation.
Then there was Rick Santorum who found a way to sneak his speech by the powers that shut off Ron Paul totally,
What did they miss?
He didn’t even mention Mitt Romney until the last few graphs. The rest was about him. Someone should tell him that pride is a sin.
Then there was the strange and petty bull-oney about having one vacant looking woman announcing a state, then having the state’s head delegate push its worthiness and tell how many votes it had, and how many would go for Romney and how many would go for Ron Paul, only to have another vacant looking woman step to the mike and announce the number of votes for Romney, totally ignoring Ron Paul’s numbers.
Real classy.
But I did like the outstretched hands in the audience and the prayerful looks on the faces of the white men and women of faith as the Oakridge boys sang Amazing Grace as if God were a Republican.
Tonight should be special. Maybe someone will suggest an exorcism at the White House.
These people are just getting too carried away.


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