Posted by: johnhourihan | August 29, 2012

Why the tea party is so frightening to real Americans: A Republican perspective

This election is to me a frightening experience.
Please understand that I remember Ike being elected. I have lived through the promise of John Kennedy and the disappointment of Richard Nixon. I have enjoyed the rise of Ronald Reagan, the antics of Bill Clinton and the outright incompetence of George W. Bush. And I had just begun to have faith once more in our political system and pride in our country for electing a brilliant man even though he was an African American. I felt we had finally, as a country, jumped the racial hurdle.
Then came the tea party.
These people are not ignorant. They are not fools. They have an agenda and it is a frightening one: More frightening than any other misguided public figure or fringe lunatic who has besmirched our political forum.
I have finally witnessed the reason why they are so bone chilling.
I’m just sorry I didn’t write this. It wasn’t even written by a Democrat.
It was written by an intelligent and angry real Republican.
No matter which side of this election you are on, please take a moment to listen to what he has to say. This is important stuff.


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