Posted by: johnhourihan | August 31, 2012

Ryan/Akin propose human life bill

Here is something you are probably going to hear a bit more about in the time between now and November. It will tell us a lot about Paul Ryan’s agenda.
It is a bill called the Sanctity of Human Life Act. It was sponsored by 55 people including Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney’s running mate, and Rep. Todd Akin who has perhaps ruined his bid for the Senate in Missouri by saying when a woman is raped her body most of the time will keep itself from getting pregnant. He referred to “legitimate rape.”
As I understand it a clarification was deemed needed by the sponsors since we are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by the Constitution.
It is this “life” guarantee that is the impetus of the bill to enact an amendment to the constitution.
If we as human beings are guaranteed life, we should make a law determining when we actually become a human being. This bill would make it law “To provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization.”
Sounds pretty simple , right?
It appears that it would, if passed, make abortion of any kind against the constitution.
Pretty nifty idea huh? Crafty politics, to use unborn embryos and the Constitution to attract the Catholic vote.
Heck, it would make abortion legally murder. This could actually make it a jailing offense for women who get an abortion or doctors who perform them, or in some state the death penalty.
Seems as if someone didn’t think far enough.
Sure there are a lot of people who consider abortion murder already and would love it to be a Constitutional guarantee.
I’m not even talking about abortion now. Think of this. The number of in vitro fertilization births since its inception is 45,000 babies.
The way this happens is that several eggs from a woman are fertilized by a man’s sperm in a Petri dish. One or some are implanted in the woman’s uterus. Some may be frozen for future use by the woman, or in research, AND THE REST ARE THOWN AWAY.
This means that if Ryan’s bill passes at least 90,000  people including Mitt Romney’s son whose baby was the product of IVF, and  probably as many doctors would be guilty of murder.
The real question we should be asking, instead of when does a small pile of cells become a human being, should be when does a human being get a soul?
Please, someone, anyone: priest, minister, rabbi, mullah, scientist, pope anyone except a politicians, and definitely not Paul Ryan, Todd Akin or any of the other sponsors of this shameful posturing, which they know will not pass, please tell me when human beings get a soul.
I’m serious.
Do you know?
It is said that the bill has about a one percent chance of passing, but the idea, sponsored by a person who would be the vice president of the United States and  possibly the president tells us a lot about Paul Ryan’s agenda of getting elected at any cost.



  1. Many never get souls.

  2. The rest are not thrown away. If there are any other embryos that develop to a healthy state, they are frozen and saved for future cycles.
    There is also some concern over how this law will affect those who miscarry. Could they be charged with negligent homicide? Since the law would give any fertilized egg rights as a person, it could be a possibility.

    • If I was wrong on the part that says they are thrown away I apologize. However on a CNN documentary that is what was said. I do find it hard to believe that after saving them for a while they are not discarded at some point.I will check further. Thank you.

      • After checking with the Fertility Authority, I found this information that says that freezing is one option for women who do not want to have their extra eggs destroyed, “Today, egg freezing offers hope to women facing some types of cancer and/or cancer treatment that may damage their eggs or destroy ovarian function, as well as those who have not found the right partner or who have delayed having children for various reasons. In addition, egg freezing offers an option to women who have produced extra eggs for an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle but don’t want to destroy or donate their unused eggs to research. Frozen eggs can also be thawed and used in gestational surrogacy.” so I guess not all are destroyed, but some are and some are used in experiments.

  3. Holly crap!!!! I didn’t know you could freeze eggs?

  4. Sorry that was wrong!!!!!!!!!

  5. What I meant to say was Why is he for a bill that even he knows shouldn’t pass! Why would any one vote for some candidate THAT SO OPENLY LIES???? Thats what I meant.

    • He wants to be able to say he has sponsored a bill that makes it a constitutional mandate that life begins at fertilization, which would make abortion against the constitution..
      He would then get the votes of people who are against abortion being legal. They would never check into it and see that it would make probably a hundred thousand people, including his own boss’s son, guilty of murder so therefore it wouldn’t pass. But this wouldn’t happen until after the election. In a couple words, “he sucks.”

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