Posted by: johnhourihan | September 12, 2012

Ah, the good life: The one Mitt Romney doesn’t understand

Someone asked me today how I was doing. And since I have gotten a bit older, I have vowed to tell the truth more.
So, as of the end of August, about August 20st, we haven’t been able to use our gas range because when you turn it on the heating coil that ignites the oven stays on and gets so hot it melts the plastic stuff on the outside of the stove, such as the knobs and things – so we have been cooking outside on our grill, and I’m sure the gas will be running out soon. The stove is still on warranty but  no one who services stoves wants to come into the middle of nowhere (where we live) to service it. The company says if they can’t get anyone out here pretty soon they will send a new stove. Of course if they don’t get someone out here pretty soon we will be very hungry, and if they send a new stove we’ll still have to get someone out here to hook it up, so we will have come full circle. Oh that’s right it’s getting cold at night and since our heating unit isn’t hooked up yet we’re a little chilly. We can’t hook up the heat until we put the siding on that one side of the house that the ants ate, then we can cut the hole in it for the gas pipe that will go to the heating stove. Then today the one-year-old water pump did something wrong, it sort of makes noise but doesn’t suck, and since that is the only thing a pump is supposed to do, suck, we have no water. So I spent the afternoon in our three foot high crawl space trying to prime a pump that wanted to be primed about as much as a low level senior in high school wants to go to algebra class last period of the day in June.
We would have gone down to the lake to fill up plastic bottles with water so we could use the toilet but my car is out of gas.

Oh, a really good thing happened. We really wanted rhubarb, and even though we didn’t plant it, apparently some grew in the front yard. The good thing is, before we made a pie out of it Lin decided to take a piece of it to the farmer down the street who said , “Don’t t eat that it will kill you.” So that ‘s a good thing, right?
So let’s see, we have no water, no gas, no heat, no cooking stove. We live in a 320 square foot house and tomorrow we have volunteered to go to the senior center and help the needy. And if we’re helping the needy you can imagine how needy they must be.
We’re going to show the movie The Help and provide popcorn for everyone.
But you know what? A few minutes ago Lin looked at me across the expanse of inches in our living room just before we pulled out the couch and made it a bedroom and said, “I love our life.”
I’m pretty sure she hasn’t gone crazy, yet.
You know what? I do too. Helping other people is one of the best feelings anyone can ever have and anyway, having no heat, no water, no hot food, no gas, no rhubarb and no microwave oven (because it’s bad for us)  and a couple bucks in our savings account may not be perfect, but it sure  beats the hell out of working.



  1. Inspiring words from an inspiring couple. Some are inspired by being shown a reason why and some are inspired by being reminded why. You both do both. Forget Romney Obama and the rest of them. “You can’t roller skate in a buffalo heard” while I’m sure you know the rest. Oh ya sorry to tell you Jonh but Lin went crazy Sept. 12th so many years ago of this I’m sure. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

  2. Congrats on the anniversary. Find the good… hey the roof isn’t leaking!
    Remind me to pass on the rhubarb pie next time I’m there. Glad your all in good spirits, and aint retirement a bitch!


    • There are problems, but there is more good than bad


  3. Congradulations. I like what Neil said abut skating in a bufflo herd.I agree. Remember whaat we own owns us so it is better to be without things and have freedom.As always your writtings. nancy

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