Posted by: johnhourihan | September 13, 2012

Another day in a life Mitt Romney doesn’t understand

We know we have water again, since the kitchen faucet is back to dripping, which is only a problem when you re paying attention, and right now it is a total joy that says we may get to take a shower tonight.
See, this is how life on Social Security happens (just in case rich people who think it would be more responsible of us to go back to work are reading this).
I crawled under the house, into the darkness this morning, unscrewed the gauge from the intake pipe to the pump, poured water into it from a jug I saved for just this purpose. When it stopped bubbling down into the pipe, I replaced the gauge. I shut off all the water to the house so there would be some back pressure and had Lin turn on the pump. It worked and the drip in the kitchen sink began its glorious drip drip drip.
It seems to me that the water in the well is right about where the end of the pipe is. Overnight the water table rises and in the morning there is enough water in the well to make a difference and the pump has something to suck into the tank.
Why am I babbling about this?
Because while I sat, satisfied with myself, on the front porch and had my morning coffee – coffee with a distinctively metallic taste that I made myself – a hummingbird hovered just above a blue morning glory and peered at me knowingly. I guess he had been watching me all along.
It was then that I realized that having water in the house is like politics.
There is just so much of a reservoir of attention to be paid to making our political choices: Just as there is only so much attention to be paid by politicians to how we are living and what our real problems are. As I sipped my coffee, which doesn’t taste the same with almond milk in it, but it is better for my heart I’m told so it is a luxury we can afford, I thought of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I wondered if it is even a remote possibility that they were thinking about me.
I dismissed that idea as foolishness.
It is a give and take of the water table and the depth of the pipes and the power of the pump whether or not we have indoor water.
I wonder if rich people even know there are people in the United States who sometimes don’t have indoor water. I wonder if they even know there is a pump involved. I wonder if they think we have time to wait for health care, and jobs that “trickle down” and vouchers for health care and tax breaks for billionaires and smaller Social Security checks and higher food prices and  a donut hole that has nothing to do with a donut. (Which I haven‘t had for such a long time.)
I wonder if they have ever had to wait two weeks for that check, which they say is too much for us lazy people, to arrive before we can go to Friendly’s for the five dollar senior breakfast.
I wonder if they know that it is also a give and take of the reservoir of understanding on either side that determines who can and who cannot flush the toilet.
Well boys I have water today, and I listened to you yesterday, and you didn’t say anything about helping people like me, so I think I‘ll flush the toilet.



  1. Keep it up john. I don’t know about anyone els but you are making me feel better and better about my future. It’s looking bright!

  2. please keep telling the truth!

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