Posted by: johnhourihan | September 16, 2012

Does Mitt want us to become Muslims

Well, the stove will be fixed by the end of the week, only one more week of cooking outside. Out of necessity, we did find something I would like to share with everyone else who is in our situation. It is MREs; Meals Ready to Eat. I saw them first in the Army, now they are sold as “survival food.” I remembered that they tasted good, and all you had to do was add boiling water and you had a meal.
We bought some and they are fine.
Your cost is about $1.50 to $2 a meal.
The stove guy had some insight into our tax situation.
As he sat on my kitchen floor and craned his neck to peer into the underbelly of the stove he said, “About 90 percent of the money in the country is in the hands of the rich, and 10 percent in the hands of the rest of us.” He rolled over on his back to get a better view of the ignition coil in the oven and continued. ”The middle class are taxed at about 30 to 35 percent and the rich after all their legal stuff, pay about 15 percent, so why is it so surprising that we don’t have enough money for social security and Medicare if we are taxing 90 percent of the money at 15 percent and 10 at 35 percent?” He sat back up and shut out his light and said, “ And they think the answer is to tax the middle class more and the rich less? That’s just stupid. You need a new coil. It won‘t go out.”
I did not double check the numbers here, but I believe them to be close enough so that they work as an explanation, and it was nice to talk to a normal guy who understands the basics of taxation and politics.
The water guy came. We have to do a lot of work on the well. He agreed that the water table has probably changed; partly drought, partly more houses down hill from us.
So I woke up today with the promise of The Game coming on at 1 o‘clock. Don’t you just love it when the Patriots are having their first home game of the year?
I was up, so I thought I’d watch Meet the Press. They were talking about how the Romney supporters are saying if Mitt were president there wouldn’t be any Islamic extremists causing trouble in the middle east. Presumably they mean the radicals who strap dynamite to their bodies and blow themselves up in public would be too scared of the Republican-Mormon-led United States to cause any trouble.
Right, sort of like when George Bush was president or Ronald Reagan or, oh that’s right, Islamic extremists hate the whole idea of America, they hate our freedoms, they hate our tolerance of all religions, they hate us as a people, they hate what we stand for. It doesn’t matter who the president is.
Threatening war would not work to stop them since they want a war. That is why they call it Jihad. The only thing that would keep Islamic extremists from wanting to attack America and her interests abroad is if we all converted to Islam.
So what is it that Mitt supporters think he would do to put an end to Islamic extremist hating us? Are we all to convert when he gets in? Let’s face it Romney has changed his stance on everything other than his religion to mirror whatever the voting population says it wants, I don’t think he would balk at everyone becoming Muslim to end the problems in the Middle East.
Mitt Romney and his supporters are showing us the reason why he can’t be president of the United States.
He thinks this is a game.
As a matter of fact if someone jumps into a the middle of a foreign crisis  to gain some political points in an election campaign, do you believe he is thinking at all?
So as I got ready to watch the game that is supposed to be a game rather than real life I made a note to myself.
“Whatever you do do not forget to vote for Obama/Biden and every Democrat you can vote for come November.”
I tacked it on the refrigerator.



  1. If we had more democrats in this country romney would be a democrat. Just like water he will take whatever shape the presidential container comes in. I hear the mre has a long shelf live. I think I’ll stock up on them. I fear I’m going to need them.$ 2.00 a meal?

    • The shelf life is 25 years, and for $33we got 14 meals.


  2. First – I think I will do the same
    Second -Do not tell me electricians go the college after that great math lesson he gave you and
    Third – Where do you get $2:00 meals I think we will all be needing them

  3. Oh yum!
    No I think I’ll vote Republican, then I can go to those $50,000.00 a plate fundraisers that Mitt puts on.
    Oh ya, and those damn Patriots really blew that game. I think Tom needs the last minute pressure to be able to perform… only this time it wasn’t enough.
    Oh well, there’s always the next time… (quotith Tom and Mitt…)

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