Posted by: johnhourihan | September 17, 2012

Middle East violence is wrong, but understandable

The question on everyone’s mind in the United States is why are Islamic extremists always on the edge of psychotic outrage over things that seem meaningless to us.
Why are they on the precipice of all out war, spurred on only by such seemingly innocuous  actions as the publication of a cartoon or a B-rate movie?
They really aren’t.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not going to say I believe in the Iranian cause. I don’t. I just feel the simmering hatred is understandable even if solely on the grounds of human nature.
The United States has troops in 130 countries in the world, and in the Middle East and Asia  our troops walk the streets of the following: Taiwan, Syria, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Turkmenistan, Greece, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan,     Armenia, Georgia, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait, Egypt, Turkey, S. Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Japan.
Did you notice that most of the countries where anti-American protests are happening now are on this list?
We have reasons to be there, and to us the reasons are understandable, but how do the people of that country feel about it?
And how would we feel if their armies were stationed on our soil?
Don’t even think about why they might be here. If they were here what would the everyday citizen think of them? Would we accept them as being for our own good, a necessity because we couldn’t possibly rule ourselves? Or would a simmering hatred begin to build in even our democratic-Christian souls? Wouldn’t we want them to leave? And every time some incendiary action took place would some of our citizens take to the streets in protest. And wouldn’t the most extreme among us turn to violence?
If you want to understand what is going on in the Middle East look no farther than the street in front of your home. You don’t have foreign troops patrolling them. You don’t have the ultimate insult of a foreign country telling you that you need them to tell you how to live.
To understand the violence in the streets of the Middle East we don’t have to look too far to get an answer. The violence is not insanity it is human nature.



  1. SO true,why can’t we see thats not the way to build trust,support,respect?

  2. Sounds to easy You must be missing smething (:

  3. We won’t have ‘foreign’ troops in front of our homes until one of them ‘buys’ this country through loan default. But then they won’t really be “foreign” troops will they.

    • Chuck, It reminds me of a movie called “the Second Civil War,” The National Guard is at war with a mid-western state because the governor doesn’t want any more immigrants to come into his state so he barricaded the borders. As the fighting is going on a TV newsman sees all these Chinese soldiers attacking the border. He stops one and asks “When did China Get into the war,” and the guy says “China? We’re the Rhode Island National Guard.”

  4. This is what I was just writing about on a political page, on Facebook; however you said it more eloquently than me. Let me know if you if you have any sources on this kind of thinking, because I want to promote this idea to Americans who do have the Middle East fighting on their land. Thank you.

    • I wish I could edit, because I meant Americans who don’t have the Middle East fighting on their land. I wish they could see this more clearly. It is a ruthless war zone in the Asia, Africa and the ME. We are more than ruthless in these countries. No wonder they cry out “America go home”,

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