Posted by: johnhourihan | September 18, 2012

Where was Romney in 1967?

Mitt Romney and his supporters say I am “dependent on government”  that I “believe the government has a responsibility to care for (me).” He characterizes me as some kind of dead-beat moocher who is begging a living from the government. And his supporters go right along with it.
He says that 47 percent of the people in the United States are just like me, that we ”believe we are entitled to health care , to food, to housing and you name it.” Mitt Romney and his supporters say that I believe I am “a victim” and that I can’t be convinced to be take “personal responsibility and care for (my) own life.”
I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran.
I was disabled while in the armed services.
I retired because my doctors told me that the illnesses caused by Agent Orange would be exacerbated by continuing to work in a high stress environment in a daily newspaper. They said eventually it would kill me.
Mitt Romney included me in his 47 percent, along with senior citizens who, after a full life of work, retired and are trying to live on Social Security, or on Medicare, or are seniors in nursing homes being paid for by Medicaid. He is talking about students who are going to school while working two jobs and collecting help from Pell grants, and people whose jobs he and his company sent overseas and are now so poor they don‘t even legally have to pay taxes.
Mr. Romney, I never sought anything from my country that I didn’t deserve.
I volunteered to serve in Vietnam while Mitt Romney was hiding under daddy’s wing. Hey, that’s alright. I ain’t no governor’s son. That was the way or the world back then. The Hourihans went to war. The Romneys and Bushes didn‘t..
I served from 1967 through 1970 in the tri-border area in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. I spent about 28 months in country.
While there I was exposed to Agent Orange.
Because of that exposure I now have ischemic heart disease and diabetes.
Because of the heart condition I had angioplasty twice and had a heart attack. I now have 7 stents in a major artery to my heart. The stents, I am told, can cause blood clots so I have to take pills that thin my blood, anti-coagulant pills, pills that open my arteries and pills that slow my heart rate. I also have to take pills for the diabetes. And I have to take them every day of my life. They leave me susceptible to severe bleeding.
This, plus the fact that I  get angina when I exert myself, means in addition to not being able to carry my grandchildren for an appreciable distance or play baseball or soccer with them, I can’t do anything at home such as paint  the house, fix the roof, shovel snow or mow the lawn, trim my hedges, work on my car, climb up ladders to clean gutters, or in effect do anything that might cause a bruise, since it might bleed internally., and I have to be sure I don’t get cut  because it is extremely slow to stop bleeding and a cut that wouldn’t be a problem for most people could send me to the emergency room.
I can’t coach baseball or soccer, which  I did for 20 years, because I might get hit by the ball and bleed internally. I am even hesitant to carve a turkey, put in the air conditioners, and sex is even a strictly controlled action because of the angina that accompanies it. And now, because of diabetes my life style is being even further curtailed.
I retired because my doctors told me the stress of my job would kill me if I didn’t.
Unlike you, Mr. Romney, when my country called, I volunteered.
And now I face a life where, if I need a part-time job to bolster the meager social security check to make ends meet, my work prospects are severely limited by my condition and preclude almost every part time job in the country.
And now you lump me into a group you say is a group of moochers who  “believe the government has a responsibility to care for (us)”
You speak in disdain for these deadbeats who ”believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”
Mr. Romney I have one question. When I was contracting the diseases that put me in this situation, where the hell were you?



  1. Some talk some do. Rolemodels that do are the ones with substance. Thanks for being one with substance. Romney can talk all he wants he will never be made of anything even close to substance.

  2. I think Mr. Romney has sealed his fate. If not, I can’t believe that this is a country by and for the people. Elections would certainly have been bought and would not represent the people (or at least not 47+% of them). In my view this man exists in a world even more of fantasy than my own. I also feel anger over it should be left to young people who would inherit his mess. Me, I’m going to go put my feet up, have a beer, and enjoy watching him get trounced in the debates.
    John, there will always be the entitled and the poor. Keep protecting your health above any riches and yours will be the last laugh.
    Stay calm, find a diversion until after the election then we will both have a good laugh ( or if he wins I’ll simply have another beer ).

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