Posted by: johnhourihan | September 21, 2012

GOP denies veterans a jobs program

OK, you can’t get any more juvenile than this.
Republicans in the Senate, in order to deny a veterans’ jobs bill to President Obama’s credit before the election, massed to vote to keep more vets out of work.
That’s right, Republicans in the Senate, two of whom helped write the bill, got together to vote down a bill that would have established a $1 billion jobs program, similar to FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, to put veterans to work rebuilding or caring for federal land and adding strength to local police and fire departments.
If there is a veteran in your family, or if you know a veteran and he or she doesn’t have a job, just remember he or she could have had a job except Republicans stopped it.
By the way, to president Obama’s credit the jobless rate for veterans is about 11 percent. You may think that this is bad since the national jobless rate is more like 8 percent. However, after most wars the veterans’ jobless rate is usually nearly twice that of the rest of the country. It was more than 18 percent under George Bush. President Obama has been doing a great job of putting our veterans to work. That is of course why the GOP decided to throw a monkey wrench into his plans.
The hell with the vets, “our priority is to deny Obama a second term,” right?
What do they have to do before they convince normal rational people that they do not deserve your vote?



  1. I remember reading about win at all cost. Whats right doesn’t matter. Truth doesn’t matter.

  2. Glad you are available sir because I read CT POST and miss your column. You sure tell it like it is

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