Posted by: johnhourihan | September 28, 2012

Scott Brown has turned to the dark side

Scott Brown panicked and joined the gang.
What a shame.
I always thought of Brown as a Republican.
Not the new kind, not part of the group that has seemingly lost touch with honesty and integrity and has slid its way into a fantasy land somewhere right of Genghis Khan. A group that will do or say anything to get elected.
I thought of him as one of the old Republicans; men and women who believed in big business, less government, and a strong military to be used as a deterrent. I never agreed with them, but I respected them as rational intelligent human beings who just had different ideals than I had.
Scott Brown was one of them.
Not any more.
With his race-based attack on Elizabeth Warren he has joined the dark side of the Republican Party.
A friend of mine in Vietnam was Danny Lawrence. He was a blue-eyed blond haired Apache. Scott Brown would say, “look at him. He’s not an American Indian.”
And I have added some pictures here of other people. The woman at the top is Victoria Mitchell, a Cherokee; the man in the middle is Richard Velky, a tribal chief; and the man at the bottom is John Baker, principal chief of the Cherokee Nation.
They don’t look like American Indians to Brown because he has proven he is a part of that constituency that believes  they know what Indians look like.
They have categorized them into a racial group rather than human beings. And just as this new Republican group wants women to be in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, poor people to get off the welfare rolls and die of starvation, and old people to float off on an iceberg when they can no longer be helped, they want those who look like Mexicans back in Mexico and those who look like Indians back on the reservation.
Elizabeth Warren years ago checked a box on an application stating that she was part Native American. I always wanted to do that, for the same reason she said she did it. Because her grandmother and mother told her she was part Indian.
My mother told me she couldn’t see how any Cyr from Nova Scotia could possibly have no Indian blood and that because of that assumption she told me we most likely had Native American genes. Although I have never had my DNA tested, I believe it to be true.
Because of that, Scott Brown’s staff went to a Warren event and, true to their tea party backing, shouted war whoops and chopped the air with mock tomahawk chops. It was so embarrassing the Cherokee Nation demanded an apology that never came.
Scott Brown wants to say he is the “same old Scott Brown” as he has been for the past few years.
No, he is not.
I’m sorry Scott I guess Indians should be more obvious for your white bread world.
They just aren’t.
The only thing that has become painfully obvious is your true colors.
Up until then I would have voted for you.
Not anymore.


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