Posted by: johnhourihan | October 4, 2012

Why did Romney win the presidential debate? Talking Turkey

This could easily become known as the “Boss Hog Debate” or “Talking Turkey.
Remember the Dukes of Hazzard?
Remember NATO?
Two good ol boys never meanin’ no harm and all of a sudden on roads totally familiar to them a 20 mph speed limit sign would spring up on the side of the road and they would get stopped by Roscoe P. Coltrane the sheriff and taken to Boss Hog’s court to be tried. Pretty silly stuff, but entertaining.
That’s what Mitt Romney made happen in to the president in the debate.
But there was something else that all the pundits seem to be ignoring.
Barrack Obama is the President of the United States.
Let me tell you about NATO.
NATO is a group of 28 countries who banded to together some say to counteract the Soviet Threat in the 40s and 50s. Turkey is a member. The United States is a member.
One of the stipulations in the NATO pact is that if one member is attacked it is considered by all the others to be an act of war against all the others.
On Wednesday Syria bombed a Turkish town killing five civilians.
Syria apologized to Turkey through the United Nations and said it would not happen again. On Thursday, Turkey retaliated but said it had “no interest in war” with Syria but was just defending its borders.
On Wednesday, we were in effect at war with Syria. On Thursday we were not.
It would be foolish to think the President of the United States had nothing to do with that. Now, between the Syrian attack and the Turkish response was the presidential debate.
I can’t believe no one could figure out why Barrack Obama looked as if he didn’t want to be there.
Why do I equate this to the Dukes of Hazzard?
In the middle of this potentially explosive situation the president had to go argue with Mitt Romney.
And Romney surprised him by springing lie after lie on him like so many bogus speed limit signs.
Mitt Romney’s two months before the debate were filled with mock debates.
Barrack Obama was the president of the United States, and his days were filled with much more.
The debate went like this.
For a year and a half, Gov. Romney has continually pointed out that he would reduce taxes across the board by 20 percent. When President Obama pointed that out in the debates, Romney denied ever saying it. Romney has said this dozens of times in public and on national TV. The president looked stunned.
Sproing 20 miles per hour.
For the past 18 months Romney said he would repeal all of Obamacare immediately.
At the debate he said he would allow for children to stay on their parents‘ health insurance and would allow for pre-existing conditions to be insured. These are two things he has consistently said he would not do.
Sproing 20 mph.
Romney has consistently said that the problem with education is the teachers and their union. At the debates he said “I love teachers. … The key to great education is great teachers.”
Although bi partisan and independent sources all say that no matter who is president in the next four years there will be 12 million jobs created, Mitt Romney says during the debate “If elected I will create 12 million jobs.”
Did Mitt Romney win the debate?
He lied.
He totally changed his position on key issues with the full knowledge that most of us have not been paying attention up until know.
Two other things I would like to point out.
Just before the debate Syria bombed Turkey. Turkey is a member of NATO. It is part of the NATO design that if one member of NATO is attacked it will be considered an act of war against all members of  NATO
Syria apologized for attacking Turkey. Turkey said it wanted no war.

Add to that the fact that FBI agents were finally inside Libya to investigate the death of our ambassador. It was such a dangerous action that they were accompanied by Special Forces.
And you can be  sure that the president of the United States had both of those things on his mind.
So while Mitt Romney won a debate by jumping his own ship, the president was most likely keeping us out of war.
Who do you want to vote for?



  1. Wish the whole country was connected to your blog. Right on John

  2. Amazing observation missed by the entire news world, very short sighted of them.

  3. Reading this does help explain things,but I’m still a little disapointed with him. Maybe I expect too much out of one man. If he just once looked at the camera and said”you all know he’s not telling the truth right?” Then cont. on.

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