Posted by: johnhourihan | October 11, 2012

Are American voters as stupid as Romney and Ryan think we are?

When the Romney/Ryan ticket says we senior citizens shouldn’t worry about changes to Medicare because the Republicans will only be changing Medicare to a voucher system for those 55 and under, do they really believe that senior citizens already on Medicare do not care what happens to their children and grandchildren?
Do they think that lowly of senior citizens?
Isn’t that a bit pompous?

When Mitt Romney on Monday says he will “cut the tax rate 20 percent across the board, including the top one percent,” then a week from Wednesday says, “That’s not my plan,” does he really think we don’t see him as a liar?
Does he really think that lowly of American voters?
Isn’t that a bit pompous?

When Paul Ryan consistently says that the president is going to cut 716 billion dollars from Medicare to pay for national health care even though Ryan’s own plan cuts the same 716 billion dollars for the same reason, which is not in either case to pay for Obamacare, but to cut some of the fraud and waste in the system that we all knew was there, does he really think we are going to believe any of his other numbers games?
Does he really think the middle class voter is that stupid?
Isn’t that a bit pompous?

When Mitt Romney says to his $50,000-a-plate cronies that the lower 47 percent of the people in the United States are content to take no responsibility for their lives and to mooch off the system and that it is not his job to worry about them, and then after saying he meant it a few times, decides to say he didn’t mean it . And, when he then says “if I become president I will be president of 100 percent of the people,” does he really think we don’t know that although he will be president of 100 percent, he won’t much like or respect 47 percent of them? Them being anyone who takes any money from the government, such as those on welfare, social security, veterans benefits, Medicare, Medicaid etc, etc.
Does he really think we don’t think deeply enough to understand what he is saying?
Isn’t that a bit pompous?

If you were going to debate an opponent, and you studied all the policies he said he would be implementing if he won, and you formulated your rebuttal for those polices that he continuously said he stood for, and then at the debate your opponent said that he never espoused any of those policies even though the entire country had heard him, how would you feel if he lied about everything and those watching said you lost the debate?

Now my biggest question.
Why haven’t the voters in this country decided already that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are too deceitful to be believed, too dishonest to be elected, and too condescending of half of the population of the United States to be elected to lead our country?
Or is it that Romney and Ryan are right in the pompous way they look down on We the People?
Are we that callous, blind, shallow and stupid that we would elect proven liars to lead us?



  1. Well, some very definitely are.

  2. John Hourihan I have repeated what I’ve read in your blogs and it HAS made a change in a number of voters,even those who thought republican was the best thing for them! Don’t stop there is only weeks to go.

  3. Yes, some voters ARE stupid enough to believe the crap R&R sling – because it’s EASIER than paying attention to what’s actually going on or to what they actually DO. These are the voters who live in neva neva land and continue to vote against their own interests. It astounds me.

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