Posted by: johnhourihan | October 17, 2012

Time for GOP to take some responsibility for their own lives

OK, let’s talk about the financial problems that have been laid at the doorstep of President Barrack Obama’s Whitehouse.
The downgrading of the Standard and Poor credit rating for our country and the deficit.
Republicans cite these two as reasons why we should not vote for President Obama.
That’s the spin, but the facts say something different.
The deficit:
Nearly every Republican president since the time of Roosevelt, (i.e., George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, and Gerald Ford) have increased the public debt.
Every Democratic president during the same time, Obama, Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy and Truman have all reduced the public debt.
So why is it that we blame the debt on President Obama who has actually reduced it by $419 billion in his time in office?
I don’t know. It defies logic.
The reduced economic rating:
As for the reduction of our economic rating from AAA to AA+.
The main reasons cited were: In a less expensive way the stimulus package of President Obama and in a more expensive way the tax cuts of President Bush, along with the two wars President Bush started in Afghanistan and Iraq, and one of the most important reasons cited by Standard and Poor was the political gridlock in Washington.
Gridlock that began when, on the night of President Obama’s inauguration, Republican leaders, including vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan, met and decided to thwart any attempt by the Democratic president to do anything that would help the country economically so Republicans might get the Whitehouse back in 2012.
So now the GOP says their party is better at economics because Mitt Romney is a businessman.
It was businessmen who got us in trouble in the first place. It was Republicans who caused the debt, It was Republicans who caused our  credit downgrade, and now they want us to blame it on the Democratic president, and for some unexplainable reason some people are going along with it.
Even people who are of the economic status of the 47% of Americans who disgust Romney and his Republican party. Even  people who the GOP says won’t take responsibility for their own lives and are just victims and moochers.
Isn’t it time for the voting public to hold the Republican party responsible for the problems they caused even if they won‘t take personal responsibility for them?


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