Posted by: johnhourihan | November 15, 2012

Some traditions are mandatory

There is a tradition we, in this part of country, face every so often that supposedly whisks us out of the late summer doldrums and autumn’s meteorological controversy and into the silent compromise of winter.
Hopefully it will be performed again this year.
It begins when the dried and misshapen leaves fall to the ground as useless as last year’s political bumper stickers and are covered by so many just like them that we cease to pay any attention to their individuality.
Then all the nuts are squirreled off under trees so we wake up one morning and no longer have to see them littering the landscape everywhere we go.
Not much later, as the air becomes crisp, we put up markers that will show the upcoming snowplows the way to navigate the weight of winter storms that are sure to come, especially after the holidays.
Outside we pull our coats tighter against our loss of summer, and our outdoor banter becomes quicker and more to the point, since the air isn’t quite as hot.
Around this time the good apples have all been picked and made into pies, and the rotted ones tossed into barrels to make a bitter cider that  will continue to reappear periodically in places where we gather for awhile.
And when all that is accomplished, we will await the snow and give thanks that it will cover up the mess we made of the country during this traditional time – the presidential election campaign.
Oh, did you think I was talking about the passing of the seasons?
No, that is natural.
The debacle of our traditional mean-spirited, divisive presidential campaign is purely self-imposed.
Hopefully we can put it all behind us now and become one nation, under God, indivisible with … well you get the picture.



  1. I know how this goes.’One nation under many Gods,or no God, Hopefully indivisable,with liberty and justice,to some degree, for a whole bunch of us”.

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