Posted by: johnhourihan | December 5, 2012

The new Night before Christmas

Kids have the night before christmas

Now there is a poem for adults who believe.

What made me believe in Christmas

The sparkles on the tree are all that light the night
And hopes of reindeer fill our heads as we’re tucked in Christmas night.
My parents seemed so happy just to be alive
As they peer into the oven and share a sweet high five.

As soon as I believed that the two would not see me
I snuck down to the living room and hid behind the tree.
They were baking something that smelled like chocolate chip
And when they went down to the cellar I skattled the short trip
Across the living room and to the kitchen quaking
I snuck a look into the stove to see what they were baking.

With a quick look toward the cellar door to see if they were there
I scooped deftly with a spatula, and quicker than a dare
I plated some of each of what the grownups had been cooking
and I put the plate next to the tree where Santa would be looking.

I raced back to my comfy bed and tried my best to slumber
When from out in the driveway I heard a noisy number.
It sounded like some elves were running back and forth across the yard
And ringing bells and giggling and one was sneezing hard.

They ran across the driveway and hid behind a tree
And then rang the bells and peeked around the bush and right at me.
I know they didn’t see me since I jumped straight into bed
and visions now of Santa Claus were dancing in my head.

So if you think I don’t believe, you’d probably be wrong
That night my hopes of Santa Claus  were nothing less than strong
I don’t think I saw Kris Kringle, If I did then I forgot
But someone ate those cookies,
And someone smoked that pot.



  1. Thank You John … you brought smiles and laughter to both Nancy and I.

  2. Very very funny!!!!

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