Posted by: johnhourihan | December 14, 2012

Newtown massacre demands changes in gun control laws

Now they’ll talk about it.
The second amendment was never meant to protect the rights of people to own automatic weapons.  It was never meant to protect the inner city thug who just needs to kill someone because he or she was disrespected. It was never meant to allow our cities to become shooting galleries, and it was never meant to protect those miscreants who kill innocents in schools, theaters, malls or in the streets to avenge some real or imagined slight by society.
Usually when someone calls for another look at gun laws there is a contingent of well-meaning but misinformed people who stand up and shout, “It is my constitutional right.”
Bull shit.
The second amendment was about building a militia not arming every insane joker in the country. I don’t care what a politically motivated Supreme Court says. I can read. The second amendment says: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

When I think about someone curtailing the second amendment right to bear arms, I think of the tradition of John Wayne and the American Western movie. That’s right, I think of our heritage as Americans.
I was brought up on them and loved them. It was how we tamed the Old West.
It’s about time some politicians take a close hard look at our heritage before we are no longer America.
Our constitutional rights come into play every time a politician tries to ban handguns from say, Detroit or Washington DC, or assault weapons are  fired into a crowd because some gang banger decided someone “disrespected” him or some mentally deranged miscreant shoots up a school or a theater.
Every time a senseless killing happens, such as Newtown , Conn., or Columbine, or the Aurora movie theater or the beltway sniper, politicians take sides.
President Barrack Obama has long said he feels we have to honor our second amendment rights but use common sense and let states make their own laws on concerning guns, since each state is a little different geographically and each has its own cultural identity. And he also wants a partial ban on assault weapons and handguns at least from troubled cities.
And there is the other side who believe the status quo is fine; let everyone have guns but enforce the laws against illegal use more stringently.
I look at the common sense of the six-gun, the rifle, the Gatling gun and the law of the Old West.
Every cowboy had the right to carry a handgun to protect himself form coyotes and other varmints. (It was his constitutional right). Most ranchers had rifles above their doors to protect their families from bears and mountain lions and hostiles and bad guys. (It was necessary and  their constitutional right.) And everyone knows there was a constitutionally protected shotgun behind the bar.
This was our way of life then. It should be now.
I remember the first movie I ever saw where someone used a Gatling gun (common sense tells you that was a n assault weapon.) It was used to mow down a sheriff and an entire posse front the back of a buck board. The result was that outlaw gang and a permissive politician took over an entire town, and it took lawmen from several towns to bring the community out of its chaos.
I think everyone in the town agreed that a Gatling gun was better served for war not for home ownership. I think most of us still agree on that.
Then there was the idea of the cities, like Dodge City or Something Gulch or Tombstone, Arizona: When the cities got out of hand the governor stepped in and sent the likes of Matt Dillon or Wyatt Earp or the Texas Rangers to town with badges. In order to clean up the cities, so law-abiding citizens could live in peace, the first thing the law always did was to ban guns from town. Now, you know that’s true.
“Sorry boys,” they would say when they met the cowboys out beyond the livery stable an the blacksmith shop, “You’ll have to leave your guns with my deputies here before you go into town.” These lawmen knew about the constitution, but they would be dammed if they were going to let these hopped up drunks shoot up the town and the good people and innocent bystanders who were only trying to live and work there.
It seems to have worked. Civilization was brought to the Old West and law-abiding citizens could again live in peace and harmony, and no one complained that the gun ban in the cities was unconstitutional.
John Wayne or James Arness or Randolph Scott rode off into the sunset.
Whether we are for curtailing gun ownership or for the status quo, let the chips and bullets fall where they may but preserve our second amendment at any cost, we all know that there are too many handguns in the cities and that it has to be cleaned up just like we cleaned up the Old West.

We all know that too many insane people are getting guns.
A gun ban in a city is not an affront to our constitutional rights. It is a way to allow us to enjoy our other rights such as freedom to assemble without be being mowed down by an assault weapon; freedom of religion without being the victim of a drive-by shooting in front of the church; Freedom of the press, free even from someone shooting the editor or running him out of town because he wrote something true about the crooked politician or the gang leader. And the freedom for children to go to school without being massacred.
If we want to adhere to our heritage, to our American traditions, we have to ask ourselves just who is the good American who wants to help clean up the cities while preserving our constitutional rights, and who just wants to wash his hands of the situation as long as he gets elected.
What is more American than an old Western movie?
If you are for our heritage and the American way of life I believe your nod should go to Barrack Obama. I believe it is time for politics to stop, even if just for a moment, and let common sense take the stage.
Our gun laws must be changed now. And if one more time you have to say “You’ll get my gun when you pry it from my cold dead hands,” I hope you get your wish.



  1. The world continues to evolve, like it’s out of control. I cannot get my brain around this tragedy. I believe in the right to bear arms, it angers me to see the evil, insane and moronic wrestle that right away from me. As much as I like and trust our current president I don’t trust ‘governments’ in general. There may be even more heinous people, in positions of significant power, than these sporadic crazies out there. Maybe and some day. We do have to do something, but I certainly don’t know what. Lets pray that there is a plan and that good people will win out…

  2. Like you, charlie, I believe we should have a right to have a weapon for protection, but you and I have seen what significant fire power can do, and it should not be allowed in the hands of everyone. I also feel some cities have gotten out of control and should be disarmed. Hand gun bans and automatic weapons bans I don’t believe would be against the Constitution. And if we can’t trut the government not to use their weapons on us, such as is being done in Syria, I guess the dream is over.

  3. Unfortunitly nobody wants the musket he was holding to throw people off the track.

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