Posted by: johnhourihan | December 31, 2012

Rand Paul is typical of Congressional insanity

I’m sorry, did I just hear Rand Paul tell Wolf Blitzer we are all linked together and did he use as examples that “You might sell a car to a rich person or go on  a yacht that is owned by a rich person,” so hurting rich people will hurt us all?
Did I just hear that nonsense?
I am so disgusted with Those fools in Congress who would rather “bring the president to his knees” as one Republican Senator said today, than help the country avoid a possible new recession.
Why isn’t this insanity called treason?

This is a concerted effort to render our president useless. It is a choreographed attack on anything our president tries to get done. If another country did this we would call it terrorism and send drones



  1. But here the rich own the drones.

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