Posted by: johnhourihan | January 2, 2013

Religions led only by men are a farce

In keeping with my policy of honesty, let’s continue with religion for a while.nun cheer
There was once a caveman club where, one night while the women were cooking and chewing on mukluks to make them soft, the men decided there would be no girls in their club.
You think God made this decision?
Do you think God decided that half the beings she created were to be subservient?
No one really believes this, so why do we put up with it?
I was watching the Rose Bowl yesterday the boys played and the boys coached, and the boys talked about it on TV. Then, when one of the boys got hurt, a woman came out and massaged his leg. A little while later I saw some other girls. They were filtering among the boys serving water or Gator Aid. Only one other time did I see girls. They were leading cheers.
So now I ask you who made this decision. God or men?
The great religious earth shattering decision I am talking about is, “Sure the girls can be involved. They can serve us stuff, make us feel good or take off their clothes and jump up and down on the sidelines. Otherwise they can just get back in the stands where they belong.”
Any Religion that says women aren’t as good as men is a bogus religion.
It is not led by a perfect God.
It is led by imperfect and self-serving men.
That’s the honest truth.


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