Posted by: johnhourihan | January 2, 2013

Sex vs violence: Which does God want?

Because of religion we believe sex is evil and war is good.

Why aren't these guys killing stuff?

Why aren’t these guys killing stuff?

Look, I was born with a plastic fork in my mouth and it was stuck into my tongue, and my back was already against the wall. Then it got worse.
Any God looking down at this and the millions of other people who came into the world with the wind in their faces, along with the sand and small rocks, were given one omni-present pleasure.
A friend once told me, “Hourihan, you and me, we’re survivors.”
I said, “No shit?” We’re alive aren’t we, so we must have survived whatever was tossed at our heads just like everyone else who is alive.
We are all survivors unless we’re dead, and the only thing we can count on for a nice experience is that God made two sexes. Do you really think God did that my mistake? Then he made some of one sex be attracted to the same sex, just in case we screwed up one option there would be another.
Surviving isn’t enough.
The whole mess started when Cain killed Abel, and we haven’t been able to stop killing ever since. So some great religious human being decided to confuse us by saying sex is evil, naked people are the devil, and it is righteous to have wars against people who don’t believe the way we do.
God supposedly said “Thou shalt not kill,“ of course he said this after David killed Goliath and Joshua fit the battle of Jericho and killed every man woman and child within its walls, and then  the Israelites wiped out the Canaanites. Then He or She decided we shouldn’t kill  any more.
However, God never had a problem with Adam and Eve being naked, neither should we.
Now somehow we have gotten it backwards. War and violence seem to be alright, but sex is evil.
Who the hell came up with this bit of twisted nonsense?
According to the Bible we should make love not war.
According to me we should do it as often as possible, maybe then we wouldn’t have enough time left over to kill each other so much.
I say, put more sex on TV and the movies and the video games and take the violence off. The ratings will go up, everyone will make money, and you can still have your damned second amendment rights to have a gun, You just won’t have as much time to use it.
That is the honest truth, and you know it.



  1. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!John. We had the same reaction while watching the Pats game. Not the religion part, but that also sounds like the truth!


  2. That previous comment was for another article. This is for this article, and
    I believe you write the truth once again!

  3. As the Lord is my witness I do know it!!

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