Posted by: johnhourihan | January 7, 2013

The Bible: Literal or figurative?

If the Bible is supposed to be a totally factual account of exactly what happened, I have a question. Adam-and-Eve-in-Garden-Michelangelo
If Adam and Eve were the only humans in the Garden of Eden, and they weren’t supposed to eat the apple, what the hell were the apples doing there in the first place?
So there it is, the Tree of Knowledge, sitting conspicuously in the center of the Garden.
God planted it there I suspect.
Now, if the Bible is 100 percent correct, God would not have to eat the apples to be smart. He’s God, all knowing, So is the only reason for the existence of the tree to be a temptation? I don’t think an all fair God would do that.
Then Satan in the form of a serpent pops up and starts talking. I guess Satan has had a bite or two himself if he is so smart.
So how come he is still in the Garden? Why wasn’t he banished too, by an all powerful God?
When are we going to accept that the stories in the Bible were allegorical, and we are supposed to see the stories as the metaphors they are?
I wonder how many women who cover their heads because the Bible said to, realize it was to hide their beauty from the bad angels who came down and had sex with human women. It’s in the Bible. Look it up.
Do women today know that aspect of why they wear a veil or a kerchief?  And if they do, and they take the Bible literally, do they understand that they are trying to hide with a scarf or a veil from beings that can fly, enter your dreams, inhabit the bodies of animals, read your mind, and beam back and forth between Heaven and your house? I don’t think a veil would be an adequate subterfuge.
Let’s get a grip and look a little closer at the things reported to be the word of God in all religions.
Be good to each other. Help those in need. Love each other and yourself and believe there is an entity more powerful than yourself.
The rest is pretty much rules made by men and attributed to God.
And above all, stop believing that only the top religious leaders can decide which words are literal and which are parables.
You are just as capable of figuring it out for yourself.
And you have less to gain in the interpretation.



  1. Amen.

  2. How do you think we can know if the Bible is literal or figurative?

  3. It’s figurative, Joe. Trust me. For one thing, If it were literal, Adam and Eve wouldn’t have had enough children to continue the species past a couple of generations.

  4. The Bible is just what everyone calls it. A good book.

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