Posted by: johnhourihan | January 26, 2013

Suzanne Gratia-Hupp on gun control

On gun control. I have just seen a video of Suzanne Gratia-Hupp speaking before Congress in 2003.
I still believe in controlling the use of assault weapons, and I still believe that the cities that have become shooting galleries for gangs and those defending themselves against gangs, innocent bystanders be damned, must have a way to disarm the population.
But I no longer believe the opposition to my views are crazy people.
This young woman was in a restaurant with her parents. A gunman entered and started shooting. She had a pistol that she had carried in her purse. The man was about 12 feet away from her. She then realized that she no longer had the gun in her purse because a law in Texas forbade carrying a handgun in your purse. The law made it a felony, so she had taken it out and left it in the car.
She had plenty of time and opportunity to shoot this man and end his rampage, but the law said she couldn’t have a gun, so several people died, including her mother and father.
She also pointed out that when people say there is no legitimate sporting purpose or no legitimate hunting purpose for assault weapons they are looking in the wrong direction. She pointed out to Congress that the 2nd amendment is about, “our right to protect ourselves from you people.”
She pointed at the Congressional panel.
I still believe in gun control and the banning of the sale of assault weapons to the general public. I still believe that we have to stop the slaughter in cities.
But I now believe the other side has a legitimate point, and the two absolute sides must be negotiated.
But can we please negotiate them without the influence of one of the largest lobbies in the country, the  gun manufacturing lobby, taking an active part in it?
Can’t we somehow sidestep the NRA, or are both sides of our citizenry correct in the assumption that politics and money are the real reasons for so many murders and so many innocents killed?



  1. Can we, I don’t think so? What I don’t understand is why if, anything done know can be undone in a few years,why won’t people negotiate. Why not give SOMETHING a try!!

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