Posted by: johnhourihan | January 31, 2013

National Defense Resources Preparedness bull feathers

OK, you want to see what partisan politics does to us?
Take a look at what some people are saying about President Obama signing the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” executive order on Friday.
We are being led to believe that this evil man is now trying to take over the country by signing executive orders that in effect give the government the power to take over the transportation industry, the food industry, the airports, the media etc. etc. etc.
He signed this alright, but something that some people on the TV are trying to tell you about this “presidential power play” is extremely misleading.
They are making it sound as if this entire group of executive orders was conceived and implemented by this president. That he has devised some devious way to usurp the powers of Congress and the Constitution.
Truth is (and they know it) that these executive orders have to do with the powers of FEMA. They have been on the books for more than 30 years since they were conceived by Richard Nixon and later refined by Jimmy Carter.
FEMA’s role is to ensure the survivability of the U.S. Government in case of attack.
FEMA with all its suggested executive orders was conceived by Nixon and refined  by Carter and later by George Bush.
What President Obama signed Friday combines executive orders from the Reagan administration and further from the administration of Bill Clinton. What Reagan and Clinton were doing at the time was refining wording from executive orders from the Truman and Nixon administrations, who were both just refining language from the Roosevelt administration. These executive orders are designed to allow the government to step in and protect us in the event someone infiltrates these industries and puts us all at risk. I submit that those who now say President Obama is trying to become king, would not have said the same thing when these orders were instituted by Nixon, added to by Reagan, and refined by Bush. This is the danger of what is being done in the name of politics.
The people fanning the flames of outrage against President Obama know all  this. By plying their partisan (defeat Obama at all costs) politics, they are playing a dangerous game, and playing us for fools.
I hope we aren’t.



  1. Great work John. Hope your right when you say the average person is not as dumb as some people think. Keep writting because you one of the ones that make a difference.

  2. As a friend of mine once said “I’m not as dumb as you think I look” Unfortunitly he is and so are alot of other people I know. Most are only dumb because they are lazy. They are to lazy to think for themselfs. They would rather hear and believe and move on. There is hope tho. I read your articles and if I agree I repeat. People start to argue with me and in doing so they have to start thinking. I know the president got a bunch more votes then if they had not argued with me. As the beautiful and inteligent Mrs. Curci said you are one that makes a difference. Snowball rolling down the hill type.

  3. We all need to keep paying attention, while this may not be an example of power corrupted, power can/does corrupt. I’m thankful we have the checks and ballances that we do. But they only work when we are paying attention. Thanks John, glad someone is watching…


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