Posted by: johnhourihan | February 1, 2013

Applebee’s should be punished for firing waitress

Applebee’s should be punished.
According to Yahoo news, Applebee’s restaurant has fired a waitress for a problem it created itself.
Recently, a woman, who says she is a pastor at the Truth in the World Deliverance Church, scribbled a note on a bill at the restaurant that said “I give God 10%, why do you get 18%.” the note was meant for the waitress who served the woman’s party of eight. The restaurant has a policy that for parties of this size the computer adds an 18% tip to the bill. No tip was left.
Now get this, the restaurant, not the waitress, made the decision to add the tip.
The customer was angry that the tip was added.
The restaurant, if it is like so many other restaurants, pays its wait staff about $2.65 an hour. That is $106 a week for a 40 hour week. Obviously the restaurant expects that its wait staff will make up the rest of a livable wage by getting tips.
This is not news. We all know this. Now, we may think it is devious that all restaurants seem to expect the customer to pay the wait staff’s paycheck, but few of us feel it is a problem that is initiated by the waiter or waitress. It is why civilized and thinking people leave tips.
The waitress posted the bill with the note on Reddit, and it want viral.
So, lets’ look at what happened.
The restaurant stiffs its help by under-paying them and relying on customers to make up the difference.
The customer in this case stiffed the wait staff by not leaving a tip and condescendingly leaving a pompous note with the insane reason that God only gets 10% why should a waiter or waitress get 18%.
And who gets screwed?
The waitress who told people about the nonsense create by the restaurant and the customer.
And to boot, the restaurant management (who by the way doesn’t work for tips) apologized to the “pastor” for her humiliation for being such a shmuck.
Applebee’s should make this right. Right for the waitress. The restaurant should give the waitress her job back and provide a reasonable tip.
If they don’t do that, anyone who goes into Applebee’s should leave a tip, but cross out the rest of the bill and leave note that says.
“I pay my help, why don’t you pay yours?”



  1. Nobody gives money to God,God has no need for it, nor does God collect and redistribute it. Waitresses on the other hand do need it. If the goverment would go back to when they didn’t have to declare the tips they wouldn’t need so much. Waitstaff earn 18% for the most part.

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