Posted by: johnhourihan | February 3, 2013

Why do we say we want peace but continue to wage war?

When we are asked, all sane current human beings say we want peace – all of us.soldier and baby
It’s what we profess. “I want world peace.”
It’s what we pray for, “Please God, let there be world peace.”
I have never met a sane homo sapien who has said he or she feels war is the natural situation of human beings.
I have never met a sane person who has said, “I would rather have war than peace.”
I believe we know war has never really done our planet any good.
It also occurs to me that, for some reason, we as a species nearly always opt for war.
It is our first answer for damn near every time life goes wrong.
So what is the negative force that continuously pushes us into wanting to kill each other in mass numbers even when we know it is counter-productive?
Think about when war first enters your mind.
OK, when Pearl Harbor was bombed, didn’t everyone think, “I want to kick someone’s ass.” Isn’t this how we ended up dropping an atomic bomb on two Japanese cities unleashing a new level of destructive force on humankind?
When your brother was killed in Vietnam didn’t you want to kill some nameless faceless Asian soldier in retaliation? Isn’t this how a million North Vietnamese and 58,000 Americans ended up dead?
On Sept 12, didn’t we all just want to light up someone’s sky like the fourth of July? Most of us wanted to bomb someone, damn near anyone? Isn’t this how we decimated Iraq, a country that had absolutely nothing to do with the Sept. 11 attack?
Why is it that a whole species who believes in peace, almost in unison decides our next step must be to attack and destroy another country?
Whenever a President decides to go to war doesn’t nearly the entire Congress vote to support him? Why is it that politicians know that if they don’t support war at that time they will more often than not lose the next election?
I believe the answer is, there must be something either hidden deep inside us or controlling us from the outside. I can’t think of any other possibility. Can you?
Either way, it figures to be some type of intelligent design – nature or nurture – genetic or some type of force field that includes the entire planet.
If it is genetic, how the hell did that happen? Was there a gene passed down from Cro Magnon, Neanderthal and Denisovian to modern man, some part of our DNA that we are yet to understand that pre-disposes us to war no matter how strongly the rest of our DNA says peace is the only way? Is it all of us or only the vast majority?
If it is a force from the outside that controls the entirety of the human species and turns it away from what it says it wants in theory and makes it do in practice what it professes fervently that it doesn’t want to do, who or what is large enough and powerful enough to do that?
Do you believe this is the case?
Why not? There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.
We do things that we don’t want to do, and it has to be because of something that is inside us or outside of us.
Do you believe that a supreme being or beings created us or altered us and somehow control us?
Why not? Every religion says that is the case, and most of us believe in a religion.
So, why not the next time we get the collective urge to wipe someone out, everyone who believes that peace is better than war calls his or her congressman or woman and tells them in no way do you want them to vote for war.
It’s not going to happen, is it?
Why not?



  1. Revenge then peace. Thats why.

  2. You’re right Neil. That seems to be our downfall.

  3. There seems to be this idea that the ends justify the means. We need to bomb and kill these threats, so that we can have peace. Obviously that does
    not bring peace, does it? When Dwight Eisenhauer said , Beware of the Military-Industrial Complex, he knew what he was saying. Pressing the Fear
    button is a strong suit for these folks. The more we see and hear on the news and movies-the more the Fear quotient goes up! I, personally, do not favor war, as you know. And as far as I am concerned, the best things we have gotten from religion is music and art, and the worst has been the many
    wars fought and being fought in its name. On Sept 12, I did not want to kill or
    have killed anyone. What would I do if my home were attacked? I do not know. I do contact my reps and the potus, does not seem to be the answer
    either. I do not believe that war is in my genes or DNA or in yours.

    • Pat, I agree with everything you have said except one thing. I do believe the predisposition to war is both in the genetics of at least part of the human race, and I also believe it is partly an outside influence.


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