Posted by: johnhourihan | February 10, 2013

Borders, immigration and ancient nomads

Where are the boundaries of the earth?
Not the man-made ones but the ones that are meant to keep one people from joining another in our never ending criss-cross nomadic trek around the planet.
Humans have always been travelers.
My own ancestors, the Irish, were once called the Firbolgs and made their first recorded homes in or near Greece. From there they migrated through a land 180px-Firbolgthat later became Spain. I can only assume they traveled through France and England, to Scotland and then to Ireland.
I wonder if they had papers. I wonder if there were certain rituals they had to go through to enter those lands. I wonder if there were boundaries, lines in the sand that marked the beginning of one country and the end of another.
I doubt if there were any borders then, other than the natural ones such as oceans, mountains, rivers, glaciers, deep forests with hungry animals.
Then of course there were the people who had already settled in the land you wanted to enter.
Most races of people have their stories and myths of nomadic people who began in Africa and crossed the planet from place to place until they settled In what you now call your ancestral home.
So, now I look at the globe with its man-made lines carving out sections outlined by ultimately crossable boundaries such as rivers, or oceans, or mountains, and I wonder how our immigration is handled, how it is different from the times of our ancestors.
One way is that, now, you can ask  the rulers of a country if you can enter. They will check you out and, if they believe you aren‘t a detriment to their way of life, they will give you the necessary papers to allow you in either temporarily or permanently. It’s a legal thing that replaces sneak in and try not to get killed.
This doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone.
The problem comes when, for no valid reason, a country decides to ban from entry a certain type or nationality of people.
Like we did with the Chinese back in the days of Ellis Island.
Ask yourself, why is it so much easier for a Canadian to enter the United States than for a Mexican?
You can answer that for yourself.
But I doubt if it has to do with the “valid” boundaries of Earth.
As Ronald Reagan said, what we need is for an extra-terrestrial race to invade the planet. Wouldn’t we the become one race and welcome the help of other humans, no matter what color their skin is?
These illegal Immigration problems the U.S. faces now are just foolish attempts to change the basic drives of human beings. We are all alike. We want to take our families to the place where we can feed them and get them shelter. When that runs out where we are, we want to move.
Countries should be allowed to decide who is welcome within their borders, but it shouldn’t take us years to allow good people to move here, either from the north or the south or across the oceans.
And race shouldn’t be a factor.



  1. […] Borders, immigration and ancient nomads. […]

  2. Good one John! Not only race, but religion, gender, cash!!!class, politics.

  3. I always liked Reagan.

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