Posted by: johnhourihan | March 1, 2013

Congressional exodus in the face of the sequester is eye-opening

I was just watching a sad exodus of our Congressmen and women from the White House. They were running away from any possible work on avoiding the budget cuts, called by some the sequester, that will take place Friday night, March 1, at 11:59.
It is not the pompous retreat of our supposed representatives in Congress that affected me most. We are all sadly used to seeing these miscreants shirking their duties along party lines.
Here is what was tell-tale of what type of people we have representing us.
CNN showed the politicians clamoring down the steps and headed into a small parking lot. There they were all jumping in their cars to go home. Of the 17 cars I counted in the shot of the parking lot, there were 11 SUVs, 1 limo, and five mid-sized and full-sized sedans – not one hybrid.
I’m sure they care about the environment, if you ask them, but not enough to actually do anything about it that might affect them personally.

By the way, the gas filling those guzzlers is paid for by our dime.


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