Posted by: johnhourihan | March 28, 2013

Put up or shut up – ask the pope

I don’t think human rights in the case of gay people is a government thing. I think it is a religious thing. All the government has to do is say all citizens have the same rights under the constitution, and leave it to religions to list what beliefs each will go by.
Then, since religions seem to be the major obstacle to allowing some of our brothers and sisters to have the rights the rest of us have, I think we should start with one religion, then move on to the next, until we find the one we believe in.
Of course, if then, you still believe in a religion that doesn’t allow gay people to get married, you have to shut your mouth about how you support the rights of all.
Take the Catholic religion:
Catholic clergy hide their  prejudice by saying “We love the person but hate the act.”
OK, any thinking person knows that is just some bumper sticker logic that sounds good but means nothing and should be followed by “Right, that’s the ticket. We’ll say that. They are all children and they will believe it.”
I think every Catholic who believes all Americans should have the same rights, such as the right to get married, should write to or email the pope and ask him the following:

Please your Holiness,
Please tell us the actual reason why you believe two Catholics who are in love cannot get married. We are all grown up now way past the age of reason, and I think it is time the Catholic church tell Catholics why they must condemn all gay people.
Please don’t feed us the same drivel that your underlings have been dishing out. Please tell us the truth.
1. Is it because there is some genetic anomaly that will become a problem for those of us trying to get to heaven?
2. Is it because Jesus actually said “it is more difficult for a gay man to reach heaven than for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle?” or is that still a “rich man?”
3. Is it because you need ten people including a mother and father to genetically make up a merkabah vehicle to take us to heaven?
4. Are we supposed to believe that if given the chance all people will become homosexual and we will no longer propagate the species?
What exactly is the horrible sin these people are committing by loving one another, and what if they wish to  go by the rules of the Catholic church by not having sex until they are married. And are you saying gay people must take a vow of celibacy to be a Catholic?
If you don’t get an answer in a week. (It shouldn’t take more than that) then write the pope again and say,
Your Holiness,
I can no longer be a Catholic because of how you treat so many people.
Sign your name and move on to a different religion.

Pope Francis’ mailing address is:
His Holiness Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City State, EUROPE

You can just cut and paste part of this one or write your own, but if you are Catholic, but are unclear about this paradox, it is time to ask the pope and get some real answers.




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