Posted by: johnhourihan | April 6, 2013

baseball is only dull to the ignorant

I believe Americans are losing interest in baseball because they ignorantly believe it is a dull game. It isn’t a dull game. People just no longer understand it.
Let me explain.
One of the million instances of fan ignorance is driving me crazy lately.
There is a little known tactic in baseball. I used to use it myself, although it isn’t used much any more.
If a pitcher is mowing down your batters and having just a great day, you might wish he would get a little worn out before the game is over. You might wish that so much that you bunt a few times early in the game to get him running off the mound and giving him an adrenaline rush he  will have to recuperate from later, or when he comes up with two outs you walk him. Then have your pitcher throw over to first base four or five times just to make him jump back and get himself tired. I would like our pitcher to do that until the other coach catches on and has his pitcher stand on the base until you throw the ball to home plate.
When this used to happen in the majors, after the first three or four pick off attempts, the fans, knowing what was going on,  would boo.
Ignorant fans thought they were supposed to boo every time a pitcher threw to first base no matter who was on base.
Even more ignorant fans were doing something in Toronto this weekend. When John Lackey, the Red Sox pitcher, fielded a grounder back to the mound and threw it to first, the fans booed.
I’m sick of baseball ignorance.
First of all Lackey pitches in the American league where the pitcher doesn’t hit.
Second, what was he supposed to do, not throw to first base? What the hell were you booing?
Baseball is like going to church. Lots of people attend, but very few know what is going on. At this congregation of the ignorant so many stand up when someone else stands up. They sit down when someone else sits down, they kneel when someone kneels, and they boo every time a pitcher throws the ball to first base.
And in their ignorance they say, “baseball is a dull game.”
And I answer, “Only if you are ignorant of what is going on.”



  1. Simple and to the point. SO TRUE!

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