Posted by: johnhourihan | April 10, 2013

On the gun issue, neither side is evil.

I just heard a politician from Tennessee saying that if we take guns away from people it will be an invitation for criminals to go to those areas because no one will be able to stop them.
And half the people say, “What an idiot!”
And half the people say, “He is absolutely correct.”
And both sides hate each other.
That is what the two political parties have done to this nation.
They have driven a wedge into the population, pitting one half against the other in a kill or be killed atmosphere.
Because we have forgotten that all Republicans are not right wing, gun-toting, Bible thumping, miscreants, and not all Democrats are left wing , liberal, bleeding heart, save the world, intellectual elitists.
This nonsense has gone on long enough.
I have a nephew who is proud to call himself an off-roading, gun-carrying, red neck, who loves his country and his daughter and is intelligent and patriotic.
I am a Vietnam vet, who cares about hungry children and families in poverty because I saw them first-hand in other countries and then came home and found the same thing here, and I don‘t mind giving some money to lazy parents if hungry kids get fed with it. I have also seen the effects of automatic weapons on people, and I don’t think any civilian needs one and especially if they are a criminal or insane or both.
But this guy from Tennessee is partly correct. If you live in a farm house with the police at least 30 to 45 minutes away you are not in the same circumstance as a suburban family whose police force can be at their house in five minutes.
There are cases where people need to protect themselves.
Do I think those people should be able to buy a gun with out a background check? No. And do I think civilians should have access to fully automatic weapons? No.
But we have to stop blindly demonizing the other side.
Neither side is evil.
They are American citizens with particular problems, particular beliefs and particular rights.
We have to compromise or nothing will get done at all.
And that would be evil.




  1. Very well put. How true!

  2. I wonder what the guy from Tennessee would say after reading this?

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