Posted by: johnhourihan | April 11, 2013

Where is the GOP on North Korea?

Are you wondering why most right wing nuts aren’t complaining about President Obama and North Korea?
Are you wondering why the Republican Party, from Boehner to Bachman, haven‘t  done a lot of saying anything about North Korea?
Because Republicans are the cause of this.
President Clinton had established an agreement with the North Koreans. They would not create nuclear weapons, and we would help feed their people.
Sounds like a great idea – lessening the nuclear threat in the world and feeding hundreds of thousands of hungry people.
Then George Bush got involved, called North Korea part of “the axis of evil,” and all hell has broken loose ever since.
Now President Obama is left to deal with a nuclear-powered country run by a third generation insane dictator who is telling his people a war with the United States is only a few days away.
I really want to hear from the Republican party on this one.
Notice I said the Republican Party, not Republican people, since the Republican Party seems to be paying less attention to their party members than the NRA is paying to its membership.


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