Posted by: johnhourihan | April 12, 2013

President Obama’s Medicare increase

Now everyone is up in arms because the president decided to compromise and cut our national debt by raising some premiums on Medicare in order to get a budget past an obstructionist Republican dominated House of Representatives.
Sound ominous, as my grandson Christopher would say.
Let’s see how ominous.
First, the bump won’t happen until 2017.
Second, if it were in effect today it would mean there would be a $22 per month bump for individual retirees making $85,000 a year
That means the inhuman increase in Medicare premiums would hit those who make about $7,000 a month by a whopping $22 from approximately $146 to $168.
The next bump would come when a Medicare recipient hit $92,000 a year, forcing the poor retirees making closer to eight grand a month to pay about $50 more of that, jumping from $146 to a whopping $196 and change per month.
But politicians are all over the TV, and uninformed coffee shop experts are screaming foul, saying how inhuman the president is. They make it sound as if our poor retirees living on an average of about $1,300 a month on social security are going to be charged huge increases in their Medicare payments.
Bull feathers.
At some point rich people just have to quit bitching and pay the money.
Rich people spend more than that a shirt or a handbag.


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