Posted by: johnhourihan | April 19, 2013

Retirement advice

Don’t pay full price.
Pay no attention to the sticker price on anything. There are ways to pay less.
Get on the mailing list of local advertiser giveaway newspapers.
This is where you will find percentage off and 2 for 1 dinners at good restaurants.
Get on mailing list of places such as Friendly’s, Applebee’s, 99, and all the fast food chains. They have deals on food all the time.
Keep your eyes open. Supermarkets, most notably  Shaw’s , will have reduced price produce and bread. In many cases you can get $4 bread for a dollar and day old produce, such as a package with two apples, an orange and a banana for 65 cents.
If you have to pay full price for anything, get the store brand.
Check places such as Ocean State Job Lot and Big lots stores. Lin and I have found that Ocean State Job Lot sells organic food, the same brands as health food stores for a very reduced price.
Get familiar with Groupon on the internet. You can get $100 items for as little as $20.
If possible, grow some of your own food, or buy at farm stands in the summer.
Mat is expensive: there is no time like the present o become at least partially vegetarian.
Get membership cards form all the area supermarkets. They allow you to take part in many sales.
You can use coupons if you want. We tried, but if you print coupons from the internet you will face the onslaught of rip-off on-line offers. For us it wasn’t worth the problems with the computer.
More later.



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