Posted by: johnhourihan | April 21, 2013

Muslim mosques and violence

One more time.
Where are the Muslim leaders in the United States and elsewhere?
What middle eastern leader has condemned what happened in Boston?
I haven’t heard from the imam of the Boston mosque that was around the corner from where the bombers lived. Where is he?
Everyone tells me how Islam is a peaceful religion – in America that is said mostly out of political correctness since most of us don’t realize that Islam is based pretty much on the same stories we have in our Old Testament.
Now, tell me the Old Testament is based on peaceful existence.
The stories include wiping out nearly the entire human race, the eradication of the Philistines and Canaanites, the “bombing” of the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It goes on and on with “God” telling humans how to kill each other.
But then Christianity has the new testament which is based on loving one another.
Now, I am not saying Islam isn’t a peaceful religion. I am asking where are the Islamic leaders who are vociferously explaining to their young people, ”This is not our way” or “We do not have a religious right to kill those who believe in a different God.”
Where are they? Why aren’t they on the Internet and on the TV condemning the Boston bombing?
I believe we must be tolerant and loving of people, but if Islamic leaders in our country’s mosques are teaching young people something else I want to know about it. I am tired of everyone whitewashing radical Muslim teachings in Boston, New York and every other city in the United States by saying Islam is a peaceful religion when our young people are being radicalized in some of their mosques.
To all those peaceful Muslims in the United State I would like to say, Silence is compliance.
Speak up now.



  1. I’ll be watching and listening. I think days after is just too late tho? It just will not have the same meaning days or weeks later.

  2. Boston mosque cancels Friday prayer, condemns terrorism:

    Did you want them to call you personally?

    • No, I didn’t want them to call me personally. I want them to stop teaching radical Islam in mosques to young and impressionable people.

  3. They are not on TV condemning terrorism for lots of reasons. None of the reasons are that they don’t condemn terrorism.

    My optimistic reasons is that it’s not news worthy, it’s a given. The pessimistic reason is that the news media like having islamic terrorists as villans and pointing out that they are just lunatics hiding behind ‘jihad’, doesn’t get the ratings.

    • John, the Cambridge mosque where these kids went didn’t mention a thing about the attack, and if there are a lot of reasons why they aren’t condemning killing innocent people for religion’s sake I would like to know what the hell they are. It is not a given in my book that mosques aren’t teaching radicalism. I want it proven. I want to be tolerant of all religions, but every one of the Islamic radical bombers all over the world started in a mosque somewhere and came out believing it was OK to kill people just because they don’t believe the same as muslims do. Whether or not the leaders in mosques believe in this killing is very newsworthy, and although there is always a smattering of condemnation it is not prevalent enough to make me believe they actually condemn it.
      The news media is not your enemy as much as a religion that says it is OK to kill people who do not believe in Islam.

  4. No, I meant the tv news broadcasters don’t think it’s newsworthy that leaders of a largely peaceful religion condemn violence.

    Also, I thought the Islamic Society of Boston (the one that condemned terrorism in the USAToday piece) was the Mosque it is believed they attended.

    I haven’t seen any evidence that there are mosques in this country radicalizing their followers. I’m sure there are a couple crazies (like the older brother here), who look for co-conspirators at local mosques, but that’s not the same thing.

    The irish resorted to terrorism when they felt marginalized and hopeless. Their local churches supported them and I’m sure some encouraged them. Christian churches around the world condemned it just as mosques around the world condemn the current wave of terrorism. But neither need to hold an internationally televised news conference for each and every event.

    • John, Is the following or is it not, a quote from the Quran?

       “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” Isn’t the Quran the basis of Islam? So how do we say that Islam is largely a peaceful religion? I believe muslims are taught it is not OK to kill nonbelievers for the heck of it, but only when you believe they are attacking you or displacing you from your lands. Well, it appears that most muslims in the world believe the United States is attacking them and displacing them from their lands, so with that belief the religion becomes not so damn peaceful does it?. As to the IRA, it was just as wrong, just as violent and believed that collateral damage was OK as long as you were killing those who had killed your own. But even the IRA didn’t set out to make innocent people their primary target. Islam is not a peaceful religion. It is just as violent as Catholicism. The biggest difference is that Catholic children are not taught they should  “Fight and kill the disbelievers wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.” I believe it is extremely naive to think Islam is a non violent religion. I also believe that there are a lot of muslims who feel this insanity has gone too far but are afraid to speak up lest their own families be targetted.


  5. You’re right. Islam is not more peaceful than Christianity, but it is not significantly more violent either. Right now there is probaly more terrorism carried out by Muslims, but that’s more due to specific political situations than anything else. Though, there is a pont to be made that suppression of women has contributed to the lack of development.

    However, that’s again down to regional and cultural diffences as much as anything inherent in the religion. Christian societies were pretty bad a couple hundred years ago. (We just watched the crucible this month.) Muslims in the United States today are like Christians in the United States today: generally very enlightened and peaceful relative to their ancestors, but with a few nut jobs thrown in.

    • John, If your family is being attacked, do you fight back or do you say the attackers are just like someone who attacked someone else a few hundred years ago so it’s OK? Muslims today are attacking us by bombing innocent people in our cities. We can have a philosophical debate about who is the more violent, Christians or muslims or the Irish, or we can focus on who is attacking our family right now. I heard a sad story about a little boy who was killed in a bombing in Boston that was aimed at innocent people on purpose. I thought of my grandchildren. I am no longer OK with cutting the American muslim mosques slack. I want them to very obviously condemn this in public and often. All over the world muslims are staging attacks against innocent people because, at least in part, their religion says there are no innocent people. I know all muslims can’t be terrorists, but all these nut case terrorists who are killing innocents are muslims. I do not go around choosing enemies. No matter what some people have said about me, I have always been a tolerant man and a pacifist. However, when someone chooses me and and mine as an enemy and is willing to kill these people, I pay close attention. Again, no religion I have ever seen is mostly peaceful, Islam is no exception, and some who follow Islam have chosen me and mine as an enemy, and it would be naive of me not to pay attention. And it would be stupid of me not to demand that organized Islam condemned it to the point where it will stop or condoned it so I can fight back.


  6. Condemned– because they fear reprisals or backlash sure takes some of wind out of the sails.

  7. But yes they have condemned!!

  8. Amen John! Amen!!

  9. Ah, but this discourse is the reason you write John… bravo!

    All words well said…

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