Posted by: johnhourihan | April 25, 2013

GOP, “Ready. Shoot. Aim”

Within minutes of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel reporting that “with varying degrees” of reliability the U.S has evidence that chemical weapons are being used on a small scale in Syria, Republican John McCain was on CNN prodding the president to send in our troops.
The government says quite clearly that it is on a small scale and we need to find out more facts before making a decision.
McCain is saying in effect, that the president said in the past that use of chemical weapons would be a game changer so why hasn’t he gone to war yet?
Doesn’t this sound quite familiar.

Doesn’t it sound a lot like “there are weapons of mass destruction let’s bomb Baghdad and invade Afghanistan“?
This time can’t we at least take the time to make sure of the facts before we attack somebody.
Damn, isn’t it just like a Republican to say “Ready. Shoot, Aim?”



  1. McCain can’t wait to aim his time is running out. With all due respect.

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