Posted by: johnhourihan | April 26, 2013

A tip about Vince Wilfork

OK I have to say something.vince wilfork
From all reports, Vince Wilfork is a stand up guy, a prince among men. He is even donating 10 % of his money to the One Foundation to support the victims of the Boston terrorist assault.
Of course you knew I was going to say But.
But every time I hear him lament on TV in his commercial how teachers spend an average of $237 a year for things they need for their job, I have to say, “I spent that much on my job when I was a paperboy.”
For God sake Vince – $237, really?
I am supposed to feel sorry for a person who spends $237 a year on their job? Waitress have to spend that much on shoes or their arches fall, and from everything I have heard from the waitresses who have waited on you and your family they all say the same things.
They say, “Vince and his family are great and fun people, but they hardly leave a tip.”
Hey Vince, waitresses work for two bucks an hour and survive on tips, and spend more than $237 a year on things they need for their jobs, and you are crying teacher poormouth for $237 a year when teachers make somewhere in the neighborhood of $25 an hour.
Hey Vince, leave damn tip.



  1. No offence to V.W. but a 20% tip on a bill that feeds him could make a big differance in a waitresses life. Maybe a car payment?

  2. While I agree with your point, I have to mention that the $237 number itself is ridiculous. It’s approximately what teachers can legally claim on taxes, but it’s off by at least an order of magnitude in terms of what teachers actually spend on job-related expenses in a year. Of course you wouldn’t know that from talking to me or most other teachers, because it’s not something we complain about. It’s an expected and accepted part of doing your job. Teachers don’t spend our own money begrudgingly, and no one wants you or anyone else to feel sorry for us for it. It’s our choice, and it’s just what we do to do our best and to help our students learn, which is why we became teachers in the first place. If someone like V.W. wants to give money, great. If not, we’ll just keep paying for stuff ourselves.

    So yeah… his commercial is wrong, waitresses should make more, and Vince should tip! But just remember that teachers aren’t all bad either.

    • No one said teachers are bad. I just said V.W. was on TV a hundred times a day with this nonsense. And by the way, I was a teacher for a long time. I know how much money teachers spend on their jobs. I also know that salesmen spend at least as much, as do most professionals. We all do it as part of the job. It is commendable that teachers do it too and that they don’t complain about it any more than anyone else does, but I haven’t heard TV commercials about how anyone else has to spend their own money in order to do their job right, so someone is bitching.

  3. Now thats a fact Jack!!!

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