Posted by: johnhourihan | May 14, 2013

IRS, tea party, AP, bad government, roll over, play dead

Today was fun.
The IRS, it seems, singled out any 501C4 group with the words “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in its title and investigated them.
Booo. The government is strong arming its citizens.
Oh, give me a break.
Even though we all, regardless of party, have less fond feelings for the IRS than we do for the IRA, the real problem here is that the tea party was calling itself a charitable organization that had nothing to do with politics and then had the balls to complain when the IRS investigated.
And for the IRS, why aren’t they investigating all these 501C4s that pumped tens of millions into the last campaign on one side or the other all the while being registered as non profit charities.
If there is anyone in the United States who believes The tea party is a non political charity he or she (or it) should have its voting privileges take away.
Then we have the government stripping the Associated Press of its first amendment rights by collecting phone records of reporters and editors just because someone at the White House leaked information that Attorney General Eric Holder calls dangerous to the American people, and the White House tried to find out who it was.
Let me see, if we the people commit a crime, law enforcement can check our phone records to see who we have been calling. Hey, they just did it with the Boston Bombing suspects. But, you say, they committed a crime.
Now if some idiot politician leaked classified material (which is what it was) to the press  – classified material the attorney general says was more detrimental to our national security than he has ever seen leaked before, (and just for a moment take him at his word and accept that the information was dangerous to leak to the Associated Press) wouldn’t we want someone to try to find out who did it?
Hell, for my money, leaking classified information that if made public could pose a danger to the American people, is treason, and I sure do want someone finding out who did it. And collecting the phone records of Associated Press reporters and editors is a pretty good way to find out and charge them with treason..
Our Constitutional rights are not being taken away from us by a heavy handed government. We have given them away because too many of our citizens are too stupid for the rules to apply to them any longer.
Since when is giving away classified material on national security freedom of speech. I guess it is since the tea party is a non-political charity organization.



  1. Reading this made me feel good. I’m not sure why it just did.

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