Posted by: johnhourihan | June 29, 2013

Cops aren’t supposed to be above the law

I just saw the strangest thing – a Massachusetts State Police cruiser – doing the speed limit.
Now, I know police don’t always fire up the sireeen when they are going somewhere and have to be there quickly. I know some of them are on their way to protect and serve – but all of them? I don’t think so.
I know a lot of cops. I know how difficult their job is. There are only a few professions where you go to work in the morning and don’t have a pretty solid expectation that you will return home alive. Being a cop is one of them.
That said, I have to point out that a cruiser on the Mass Pike in someone’s trunk pushing them to go beyond the speed limit or get the heck out of the way, is not the best PR for police forces everywhere.
It was a seldom-seen occurrence this morning to happen upon the one cruiser doing the speed limit. Most of the time we see them speeding, and we know that they’re not always, “on the job.”
This blatant way of showing all us citizens that the police in their police cars are above the laws of the road causes more bad driving after they are out of sight than almost anything else on the highway.
Think of it this way: A “D-student” teen boy driving the jet skate daddy provided with one hand and texting with the other sees a State Police cruiser pass him at about 90. Now , even though the moron child is doing 80 in a 65mph zone, the cop is too busy to do anything about it.
What do you think that intellectually crippled creton in the hopped-up Honda is going to do as soon as the cop is out of sight?
What about the tattooed half-tanned bicep sticking out of the unsightly undershirt on the cigarette-sucking Yoohoo-swilling country boy in the truck with the big “3” on the side is going to do?
What about the primping, pretty, perfectly put together, pharma-selling “I’m just the cutest” mid-20s female version of Fabio who is talking on the phone and drinking a designer coffee when the cop passes by is going to do?
Better still, what are you going to do?
Police speeding every time we see them is not making us say, “Boy those guys are always on the job.” It makes us say, “There’s another cop who thinks he’s above the law.”
I’d send this to police departments, but I’m sure it would end up getting me a retribution ticket.



  1. Well said!!

  2. I do see that quite often. Almost anytime I see a police cruiser it is exceeding the speed limit. When it happens tho it has no affect on my driving. I continue on at the posted speed. Most every other person I know tho foot gets at least a bit braver.

  3. I love it when they put on their siren to justify racing through a red light, they cross the intersection, and then resume their travels as normal. Not a good message to the kiddies out there.

  4. I usually say I’m glad he was going too fast to notice I was speeding…

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