Posted by: johnhourihan | July 9, 2013

Enough with the liberal media

So many young pseudo-elite wave off what is general knowledge of the world today as being “just the lies of the liberal media.“
If I hear how all the problems of the world have been caused by “the liberal media” one more time I’m going to puke.
Because I would like to believe that the people espousing this nonsense are smarter than a herd of sheep, but this insistence on a liberal media conspiracy points toward something very different.
Otherwise seemingly intelligent people feel they have all the answers, and those answers foolishly are based on our country’s media pushing a liberal agenda on the unknowing American public.
Bull feathers.
NBC is owned by General Electric.
General Electric is a corporation. Corporations are not run by liberals: They are, for the most part, run by conservative Republicans. Therefore, conservative Republicans own CNBC, MSNBC, the Today Show, the Nightly News, Meet the Press and Dateline, and donated $2,500,000 to George Bush in 2000.
CBS is owned by Westinghouse.
Westinghouse is again a corporation. It controls CBS and its 200 affiliates, including CBS Network News, 60 minutes, 48 hours, the CBS Evening News, The CBS Morning News and Group W Satellite news. Westinghouse is run by people who feel the bottom line is how much money is sent to its stock holders each year.
ABC is owned by the Disney corporation.
In addition to donating $680,000 to George Bush in the 2000 election, it dictates to the ABC News, ESPN, Miramax and several major newspapers and magazines.
Time Warner owns CNN.
It donated $1,600,000 to Georg Bush in the 2000 election. It controls CNN, HBO, Cinemax, the TBS National Network, Turner Network TV as well as 35 major magazines such as Time, SI, and People.
Rupert Murdock, a big tobacco guy, owns Fox News.
Fox News donated $2,900,000 to, you guessed it, George Bush in the 2000 election. Murdock controls Fox News and every show on it and 132 newspapers including the New York Post, the London Times, and 25 major magazines.
Also a part owner of Fox News is Prince al-Walid bin Talal, who says he had enough influence that when Fox was calling the riots by Muslims in France, “The Muslim riots” he interfered and changed the headlines to “the youth riots.”
And for all its democratic leanings the owner of the Hearst Corporation endorsed Richard Nixon.
This was done because of a bill signing that helped Hearst’s bottom line.
And now the Koch brothers, the backing for the tea party, is moving in on newspapers country wide.
So I have some advice especially for the young elite who are drinking all that corporation Kool Aid about the liberal leanings of the news.
Every time you open your mouth and blame the “liberal media” for something, all you are doing is showing your vast ignorance.
Stop it.



  1. Much of what you say has merit, however, if can’t see the how left report very little about true Americana and common sense solutions that everyday Americans regardless of party affiliation want, the media plants it lips on Oblammers butt, you tv, computer, etc needs repair. This administration is involved in 5 scandals currently and the left media tries to play it down.

    Benghazi, fast and furious , IRS. Targeting conservative groups, ignoring the fourth amendment by DOJ demanding records and contacts of then AP.
    Investigating a Fox reporter, also covered in the first and fourth amendment.

    And the president , attorney genaral and Secretary of State had no idea any of this was going on….well if they don’t, who the hell does???
    Immigration reform, hello 11 million more votes.

    Now he is in Africa trying to improve trade relations. My guess China is a better place for those efforts, but he is to scared. He was never qualified to be president. Now he acts like a dictator and the left media looks the other way!! What are you smoking. He’s giving this country away. He’s the biggest racist there is by keeping his own people down by throwing scraps/welfare for votes. Wake up!!!!!,

    • So where did you get all this information about all of Obama’s scandals – the liberal media? Or the people I just told you own it? You wake up – please

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