Posted by: johnhourihan | July 10, 2013

And they called it “Broccoligate’ out of stupidity

The president told a pretty good joke the other day and the right wing media jumped on him.
George H. W. Bush was asked once what vegetable he didn’t like.

He said broccoli.

He said he never wanted to see another sprig of broccoli on his plate. The people who grew broccoli chastised him soundly for hurting their sale of broccoli.
The other day President Obama was asked by a little girl what his favorite vegetable was and he smiled and said “broccoli.”
Now all the pseudo elite conservatives are jumping on him for his “lies” about what vegetable he likes.
These idiots don’t know enough about presidential history to even know that it was at worst a joke or at best an attempt to even out the tables for broccoli growers.

And they stupidly called it “Broccoligate”




  1. One of my favorite veggies: broccoli.
    One of my favorite presidents:…

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