Posted by: johnhourihan | July 24, 2013

Please get off my Facebook page

I have friends who believe the White House owns the media and the media does whatever the president tells it.
I can only go from personal experience, but after writing an opinion column for about 25 years for three daily newspapers, I lost my column a few weeks after I wrote about the tea party, and the publisher called me in to tell me how much he and his friends didn’t like it. I don’t think those friends were in the White House.
Those friends who believe this nonsense are wrong but they are still my friends.
I have friends who believe our Constitution’s second amendment guarantees us the right to own assault weapons. Since there were no such things as assault weapons when the Constitution was written the right to own one was necessarily not part of what was written.
I disagree with those friends, but they are still my friends.
I have friends who believe the second amendment is necessary so that we the people can be armed and able to fight back against the government should we need to.
Sure rifles, shotguns, pistols and assault weapons will make us ready and able to fight a government that owns Abrams tanks, Apache helicopters, armed drones, jet fighters, bombers and nuclear weapons.
I feel those friends are wrong, but they are still my friends.
I have friends who live just above the poverty line and believe the Republican Party is their champion against a misguided or evil president, when the GOP is working as hard as it can to bolster further the rights of the same big businesses that tanked our economy with their greed, and the president is trying to make health care affordable to the poor and maintain the government‘s support of those who have no jobs and whose children would starve without help.
I think those friends are completely wrong and may be even foolish, but they are still my friends.
I have friends who believe welfare recipients should have to be drug tested in order to get the tax money, when teachers, soldiers, politicians, police, fire and highway departments and all the others who are actually paid with tax dollars are not tested; and while grant recipients and subsidized businesses that are paid to not produce, are allowed to continue to ply their business without drug testing.
I think those friends are short sighted, but they are still my friends.
I have friends who believe the government of the United States should be a Christian government when, all over the middle east, religion in government is tearing the region apart: And even though our own separation of church and state began because one religion was being supported by the tax money taken from people of a different religion. I wonder how they would feel if Islam became, by democratic vote, the national religion.
I feel that those friends who want to add God to our political rolls, are ignorant of what it might cause, but they are still my friends.
I have friends who believe Barack Obama should never have been elected since he is black and this should be a Christian, English-speaking, gun toting, bible thumping, one party, white skinned country.
Those people are no longer my friends. Please get off my facebook page.
Thank you.



  1. Love it.
    I want to be your friend but I (have tried but…) don’t (can’t) do Face book.
    Anyway, one point of ‘correction’ : I ran urinalysis programs for both the Army and Air Force… mandatory… not unusual consequence of failure was dishonorable discharge and/or prison…

    Anyway, I got your point and appreciate it.


    • Wow, I don’t remember ever having to take one. Was it just for officers?


  2. How come I didn’t know you had a face book page? A friend once told me I had too many friends. I asked what are you talking about,you can’t have too many friends. He said a lot of your friends don’t like a lot of your friends and they can’t get along and that makes it hard—being your friend. I asked what are you saying. He said never mind. So I never minded and we remained friends. I think I now know what he was saying. Na I still have no idea.

  3. Are you watching the new episodes of News hour. The last two episodes have to do with covering the Tea Party. Interesting.


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