Posted by: johnhourihan | July 28, 2013

The public is to blame, not the media

Blaming the media is like Dr. Frankenstein blaming the monster.
Let me explain.
I have so many friends and relations who blame the main stream media for everything from taxes to poor health. I want very much for you to understand, but something we found out in the media long ago is I had better keep it short. One of the most shocking things I found when I began working on a newspaper was that studies showed the American public had the reading level of a 5th grader and their attention span only allowed them to read about 14 to 19 column inches in one sitting. We in the media thought that was bad, but then the rest happened.
The beginning of the rest was portrayed in “The Shipping News,” a book of fiction about the state of journalism. In it the editor tells the new reporter he should put a car crash on the front page every day, and if there was no crash that day to use the one from yesterday.
That’s right, long before you began blaming the media for everything, the media knew you would only buy the paper if it had certain stuff on the front page. And that stuff had nothing to do with the in-depth informative and investigative stories we were trying to feed you. If we wanted you to buy the paper we had to tuck that stuff inside.
Many of my friends remember a paper called the Milford Daily News. Everyone in my town complained about it, and now they have a paper of the same name but from all sources it has nothing on its pages but “sensationalist nonsense,” if that.
It seems that even though the paper’s circulation remained at about 14,000 for nearly a hundred years, the population of the town went from 3,000 to about 20,000. New people were getting their “News” elsewhere, if anywhere at all.
Then people stopped buying the paper and publishers scurried to find people who could cost them less but produce more stuff that would make people plunk out a quarter for the news of the day.
But the owners decided enough was enough and sold the paper to a conglomerate. This is a microcosm of what happening all over the country. The conglomerates did a lot of studies and found out that the reader didn’t matter at all.
It was the advertisers they had to pander to. So they did.
But the advertisers wanted high circulation for their ads, so the conglomerates did what they knew would work. They jettisoned the real news and began pumping out just the nonsense you, the general public, would buy, what you demanded.
They dumped most of the top level people in newspapers across the country ( and with them their salaries) and replaced them with reporters like Sparkle Plenty and Joe Just-got-out-of-College.
Quality was no longer a prerequisite for entering the field of journalism, and the big businesses took full advantage of it. They had a model to work from, public education.
To make matters worse, the general public decided why pay anything for news, let’s just get it off the web and from TV.
In its infinite wisdom, the general public began to cancel subscriptions to newspapers because they could get more guts, grief and mayhem on the internet and on the television news.
So, to keep things short so you can read it, now we have this day’s answer to Walter Cronkite – Wolf Blitzer – who recently depicted the work of a fool vandal who threw some green paint at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial as major national news, calling it “An Attack on The Lincoln Memorial.”
Then the fools who turned their backs on the real media years ago have the temerity to blame the media for all the ills of the world.
The ills of the world have multiplied because you were stupid enough to turn your backs on one of the checks and balances of the government so you could save a few bucks and a few hours of time each week.
So something you don’t know as you spout your uninformed nonsense is, you have no idea what is going on in government now and it will get worse, since no one is watching, unless there was a crash.
And your blaming of the media is like Dr. Frankenstein blaming his monster.
Good job you incredibly short sighted people.
You killed real journalism to save a buck. Now you have a monster.
You created it, now deal with it.



  1. Wow!!You got it all. Good one, John!


  2. MAN! That Is the TRUTH!!!

  3. I think Frankenstein’s monster would be insulted at being compared to today’s media. He wasn’t making a buck at being a monster.

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