Posted by: johnhourihan | August 30, 2013

They are so ashamed of Obama

I’m reading on social media and hearing on the streets that people are ashamed of our country, of our president,  for not keeping promises to the Syrian opposition.
These people are upset with the president.
“He said if they used chemical weapons he would do something, now they have used chemical weapons and he doesn’t do anything.”
He is making me ashamed to be an American. It has never been this bad.”
But what is it they are asking for?
Do they really know?
I know it would make for better TV. Remember the Baghdad skies, so beautiful, shock and awe?
I mean wouldn’t it be better than the final episode of NCIS, to actually kick the crap out of those Syrians.
I listen to those who are “ashamed” of the president’s attempt to stay out of another war and I hear them say they want to, “Put a boot in their ass. I mean we don’t even know what Syrians look like, and wouldn’t it be better to show the rest of the world that the good old U. S can still kick some ass?
“If you don’t do what we tell you, we will show you that we are still the country of The Little Big Horn, Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Hanoi, Baghdad. We can still put a boot in your ass.
“And if the Iranians, who are so linked to Syria, decide to retaliate we could just dump some bombs on them too. Wouldn’t it be nice to wipe out some Iranian cities. Make ‘em look like Dresden after the big one. Light up their sky like the fourth of July?
“And if Hezbollah lobs some more rockets into Israeli cities we could get out of the way and let Israel wipe them out.
Hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, thousands of families more who hate America and spawn thousands of new terrorists bent on revenge.
“Wouldn’t all this be better.
“You know, keeping our promises to the world. Giving us a little pride in our strength?
“But, no. This president is making me feel so ashamed to be an American because he isn’t honoring his word. He is making my beautiful country look like a bull dog with rubber teeth.
“I hate him.
“He is making me ashamed to not be at war.”
I listen to all this and, knowing that most rational people would rather not be at war than to be at war, all I can hear is, “I don’t like a black guy telling me what to do.“

And if he decides that there is no way but to do something to Syria, they will have other complaints about the president. It doesn’t matter what he says or does, they will complain.  But they will leave the real complaint they have in silence in their hearts.

“I don’t like this black guy telling me what to do.”

And they are ashamed..



  1. Yes, you got it!!!!!I am trying to avoid listening, but you have put it EXACTLY right. Thank you!

  2. I wish I didn’t agree with you , but I do. If this was a president like lets say McCain they would say thank god he knows of war and is not jumping into another.

  3. Good story. Racism in America is still alive and is having a resurgence thanks to President Obama (or Mr. Obama, a populate term used by tea party folk). Acceptance of integration is one thing, but to have a black leader is clearly testing the most patient “pacifist” racist. The cross is not burning on the White House lawn, but I feel America has been push in two corners and a battle is about to begin. Have to admire the conservative plan, turning poor people against poor people is a brilliant strategy. The fear industry has never been so robust.

    • Thanks for the comment Dave.

  4. I’m glad you’re a Toby Keith fan! But the context of his words were in response to the Twin Tower attack and the thousands of Americans that died a horrible death that day. Nothing about Syria and not a dumb ass redneck mentality either. And as for the race card you dropped…. I know many so called Tea Partiers and Republicans, NEVER has anybody said anything about a Black or Nigger President. NEVER! That is old sixties rhetoric and the year is 2013. Maybe Simon and Garfunkel would be proud of this post. But I doubt it. Racism is still propagated by Jesse J, Al (the hairdo) Sharpton and Obama himself. The most Intense racists are Blacks! The New World Order Obama wants was already written about by George Orwell in 1984!!!
    Wake up and smell that which you wallow in for what it is. B.S.!

    • Just what is the color of the sky in your world? Your sentence telling why there is not racism is racist. Toby Keith is a red neck and tea partiers have very definitely called the president by racial epithets.And you are person in serious need of psychiatric help,not just one or two therapists but you need to go to the institutional level. I don’t even know you, and you don’t know me but I do know you are too dumb to read anything past your cereal box. Get a life. And what the hell do Simon and Garfunkel have to do with anything?

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