Posted by: johnhourihan | September 4, 2013

Forget about Syria

Forget about Syria for a minute. It will be there when we tune in again.

I just wanted to point out what we are doing to our planet. I think it is pretty important that we take a good long look.

The following came to me in a morning vision over coffee a few years ago. I like to post it every so often.

Let me see.
We are specks on a round object that, with several other round objects, revolves around another object in the center, a sort of nucleus – our sun.
And beyond that, there are other suns around which several other round things revolve in myriad other systems too numerous to count.
And together we comprise an entity that we call the universe.
Some people even say there are other universes such as ours outside the one in which we live.
Now, if we are all parts of the same entity and we are just specks on one particle revolving around a relatively bigger object, aren’t we very similar to atoms making up cells of one organ of a universe or a multi universe?
And if some supreme being looked at us the way a doctor might look at a human being, and what if that being saw what we have become, wouldn’t it look similar to something we are quite familiar with?
Wouldn’t we be a group of cells experiencing unrestricted growth to the detriment of the host body the planet?
What would that being decide we are, and what would have to be done with us?
Would the problem be the growth or that we are killing the planet?
And what if we had the capability within ourselves to stop killing our host? Wouldn’t it be time we stopped?
Before someone decides we are cancer.



  1. Sobering! Scary! True! Inevitable?

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