Posted by: johnhourihan | September 19, 2013

That awful entitled group

For those of you who think you work too hard to care for those “lazy bastards”  who are on “the dole,“ those leeches on society who need tax dollars to feed themselves, those ungrateful slobs who feel “entitled” to money from the government even though they don’t work. The lazy, the stupid, those bloods suckers who we have to work to support, watch this.




  1. This is sad but true, how some who call themselves Americans, could care less about their neighbors. Great comparison.

  2. Hey John, Sorry laptop down and cell wont play the video. I believe that the programs set in place function well for those who truly need Them. however there is an abuse factor mostly from illegal aliens ie Mexico etc. Although they say its working wonders for California. And it may be entirely politically incorrect to say but its got to putting a strain on this stressed economy.

  3. Ha haaa, Just saw the flick! Man in the last few years there have been a lot of people losing their homes and living in tents! Tent cities. Any help has to be good for suffering families. I’ve never had the pain of telling a hungry child there is no food. Imagine how that must feel. An old friend of mine, who was sick, couldn’t walk. Was getting assistance herself and had very little money would always make sure the kids of poorer families in her neighborhood got their Easter Baskets. She said it was Important. And she made sure they did too! There are still some great people around, we just don’t see them always. But those who are supposed to see them do. Angels do exist!

    • You are right. Angels do exist.


      • Look forward to the day the acts of Angels– are considered human nature!

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