Posted by: johnhourihan | September 21, 2013

The entitled – some facts

We are the richest country in the world and people should be able to get enough money to live, but people working full time are hungry.
We are currently debating whether or not to feed the poor in our country. We, both sides, are making our points without looking at the facts because politicians are lying to us about the facts to get votes. Since most Republican politicians have constituencies that are rich (or stupid) The GOP tells us the system is being scammed, that it has become a way of life passed own through generations, that those on welfare and food stamps don‘t really need it, they are just taking advantage.
Democrats want to feed the hungry not out of humane reasons, but because most of their constituents are poor, or liberal.

Lets look at the facts Then (around 1993) and now.
The U.S. child poverty rate was more than double that of any other industrialized country. (UNICEF, 1993) Poverty in the U.S. has grown since 1993. Currently one out of every six American children is hungry and living in poverty.
63.2 percent of poor families with children had someone in the family who worked during the year. (U.S. House of Representatives’ Green Book, 1993 and 1994) More people work now than did in 1993, but wages, even for 40-hour-a-week jobs pay at poverty level, and health benefits are non-existent for most of the lower rung of jobs.
Welfare pays differently in each state, the equivalent is $14 an hour down to $7 an hour. That is about $29,000 to $14,500 per year. That puts every family getting welfare at the poverty level.
Families with children experienced most of the increase in U.S. poverty between 1990 and 1991. In 1990, the majority of these poor families—60 percent—were married-couple families. (U.S. House of Representatives’ Green Book, 1993 and 1994) Now one in six children in the U.S. lives in poverty, and we have more families now living in poverty than we ever have. Most of the job deaths did not come from health care initiatives or welfare, they came from downsizing so CEOs and shareholders could make more money.
Of all WIC participants, 44.7 percent are Caucasian, 27.3 percent are African American, and 23.7 percent are Hispanic, (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1993) This has changed. About 40 percent are now white and 40 percent are black. Hispanic people – who are most often cited as the drain on the welfare system by white people – are at about 15 percent of those on welfare now.
Due to a lack of funding, WIC reaches only 60 percent of all eligible women and children. (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1993) It is worse now, and Congress is poised to cut assistance even more.
A record 27.4 million Americans—nearly 11 percent of the population—enrolled in the Food Stamp Program in November 1993. (U.S. Department of Agriculture, 1994) With poverty sky rocketing in these times of downsizing, wage freezes, paid furloughs, and cuts, and political posturing by corporations, there are now about 47.6 million people on foods stamps. Two out of three are children. Each person gets an average of $133.19 per month ($4.37 per day)
Welfare costs about one percent of the federal budget.
$52.4 million dollars will be cut next year when a current law runs out, but there are some who want to cut if further.
Four percent of the people in the U.S. are on welfare.
Three out of four welfare recipients leave the rolls within two years.
Please keep this in mind when people tell you about all those Mexicans on welfare, not working and collecting as much money as people who are working, using food stamps to buy beer, and draining our society. Think, when people tell you that cutting part of one percent of food stamps can balance the budget.
Please, when it comes to taking care of each other (don’t worry about politicians, they are rich) think, know the facts, don’t be turned into greedy, self-serving, money grubbing, miscreants, just because someone is trying to get some votes.



  1. Wouldn’t it be nice if helping those who need food- get it- wasn’t left to government official. If it wasn’t a voting point. Wouldn’t it be nice if it had nothing to do with those running for office. Too bad it just wasn’t expected by all citizens of the UNITED STATES with the emphasis on UNITED. Then our government officials wouldn’t have to discuss it just do it.

  2. Spot on John!
    Even a miscreant would have to agree with you on that. Well said.

  3. Thank you John for making the case crystal clear. Very well written. I totally agree with Neil also.

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