Posted by: johnhourihan | October 1, 2013

Do you want to know who I blame for the shutdown?

I am a combat veteran, 100 percent disabled from a service-connected event (Agent Orange) I will never again in my life vote for a Republican and I urge all veterans and active duty servicemen and women to do the same.
Because when the chips were down, the GOP decided that their lip service to “supporting our troops,” and thanking us for our service was enough.  In the face of having to make a decision, they decided their re-election was more important than servicemen and women past and present getting paid.
Thank God the president at least demanded that active troops get paid. However compensation for service connected disabilities, money our disabled vets use to pay their bills, at the moment of the Republican temper tantrum of shutting down the government, were fully expected to be delayed for an undetermined amount of time.
I will never vote for another Republican, (thank the tea party) and if a Republican has the temerity to say to me “Thank you for your service,” he may get punched in the mouth.



  1. Make sure Lin takes a picture I want to see that!

  2. I like this so much, at the risk of being strongly disagreed with by some veterans and fellow former military brats, I am going to share this. 😉

  3. I can go along with the vote thing…


  4. You’re exploding in likes over in Facebook…

    • Thanks for the tip. I just looked more than 4,000 likes on the Rachel Maddow show alone, and about 240 replies.

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