Posted by: johnhourihan | October 1, 2013

The problem is the tea party, not the GOP

Here’s what is going on, the way I see it.
About 30 rabid anti-government people who managed to get themselves into Congress, with a lot of money backing them, have frightened the rational congressmen and women of the real Republican party.
We know these 30 or so anti-government people as the tea party favorites. They want to emaciate government so they won’t have to pay any taxes to support it.
In the beginning of the last election, nobody in the GOP believed the tea party people could actually get elected. Regular Republicans thought before the election, “We can get their votes then brush them off.” No one knew how much money would be funneled to them from people like the Koch brothers (two of the top five most wealthy people in the world).
About 30 of them got in.
Now, even though the normal people in the GOP, if there are in fact any left, want to fund the budget, tea party members are letting them know that if they compromise with the Democrats and fail to kill the Affordable Health Care law the tea party will run more people against them in their own primaries and won‘t even let them get to run in the next election.
Those tea party favorites will be backed by the same unending pool of money.
So the Republicans in the House say to the President and the Senate, in effect, “We will pass your budget if you let us cut off your arms and legs.”
The president says, “no.”
The Senate says “no,” and the Republicans in the House of Representatives say, “Well, we will pass the budget if you let us cut off just your legs. The president says, “no.”
The Senate says. “no.”
The House Republicans say, “How about we cut off just one appendage at a time,”
Then the GOP leaders in the House, and the tea party faithful say, ”My Lord, they won’t even sit down and compromise with us. We suggested several points of compromise and they just said no.”
What has to happen now, is the people of the United States have to find out who in government is a tea party favorite and get them out of office.
Then we have to stop the insanity of PACs funded by the extremely wealthy feeding money to anyone who will keep millions from getting affordable health care; all those who want to keep women infants and children from getting food, and the poor from being cared for, and can keep workers laboring in their companies at 40-hour-a-week jobs from making a living wage.
If we don’t get these people out of government, eventually their governance by extortion will win.

The best way to stop them is to not vote for Republicans ever again and let people know we won’t be toyed with by the likes of these  immoral, greedy, tea party racists.



  1. Let me clarify.The Tea Party was started by Democrats that became sick and tired of the politicaly Correct ruled mentality with huge government that keeps making laws and more laws. biggfr government smaller freedoms and more taxes. The democrats thinking becoming more irational people just said F this shit and started something closer to what they believed. you have that right in this country at least for now you do. Every unthinking American still believes the oposition that wants to kill the Obamacare wants to keep people deprived and sick. Thats the furthest thing from thd Truth! Only a tiny bit of that bill is about healthcare. The rest changes how Everything is dond in this country. It gives incredible power to the government over you and thd way you do business and even if your worth letting live. And on another notd does anyone remenber Obamb wanting the military to have to pay for their own health insurance? and on them getting injured in battle he said that they knew what they were getting into am

    • Sometimes I agree with you, this time I don’t. Here is the deal LB. We are all part of one entity. this good vs evil stuff has to stop. Republicans aren’t good or evil they are just part of all of us. Same with democrats. We are one and because so many do not seem to understand that, we are not functioning well at all. If you do not understand that I can’t help you any further. Think. Start with the fact that the “death panels” never existed in the bill and do not exist in the law.


      • And I have to disagree with you. If you look at the most heinous legislation of late, those pushing the anti-woman, anti-child and anti-poor legislation are overwhelmingly Republican.

      • And how is that disagreeing with me?

  2. I think JP disagreed with LB.

  3. The illusion of polotics as is mans concept of linear time being an illusion. Life in the dream and yes we are one.

    • What?


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