Posted by: johnhourihan | October 10, 2013

Did someone get rich over the recent GOP farce?

Something just occurred to me.
If, as studies show, tea party followers are mostly white, male, married, over 45, religious, conservatives who are more educated and wealthier than average Americans.
And if their actions in the past month have caused the Dow/Jones average to drop by as many as 250 points in a day.
And if as soon as they decided to let the president know they would be willing to make a deal the Dow/Jones average went up by hundreds of points in one day.
I would like someone to find out how many of these rich, white, conservative, educated men bought stocks while they were low in the past week or so and now made a ton of money with the recent spike.
Maybe they could donate these ill gotten gains to help alleviate the national debt.
Just saying.



  1. Good point. Your dreaming if you think the nightmare they’ve created was for the ‘people’. Anyway, love your sarcasm…


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